How To Decorate a Small Rental House

Ask your landlord first before doing any decoration or renovation of your rental house. Check your rental agreement and negotiate with your landlord if you want to put up wallpaper, paint a wall or rearrange furniture in your rented house. Remember that you have the right to ask your landlord about your concerns. Your landlord will probably appreciate your concern because he will benefit as well. Below are steps and guides on how to decorate a small rental house.

  • Use mirrors as décor. Mirrors make small spaces look larger. They add light and depth into any room and they aren’t inexpensive. Avoid mirrors that have heavy or big frames because they will require you to make holes in the walls of your rented house, which may displease your landlord. Use light and frameless mirrors instead. Put the mirrors over a dresser, fireplace, sofa, and in front of windows so you can see outdoor reflection.
  • Hang curtains. Most rental houses have only blinds as window dressings. Use small cup hooks or pins to hold and attach your fabric onto the walls if you are not allowed to install a huge curtain rod. Screw the cup hook into the top corners of your window then stretch and drape your fabric. Purchase light curtain panels at local fabric shops.
  • Wall coverings. Remember not to paint walls and ceiling without the approval of your landlord. You can use a divider screen and put it against a wall unfolded. You can hang huge wall tapestry or a beautiful fabric from a rod. Also, you can put posters and artworks to give your rented house depth and dimension. Go to home decoration shops to discover more choices in covering a rental house.
  • Change light fixtures. Check the lighting system of your preferred rental house thoroughly before paying your landlord to ensure that you don’t have extra expenses for renovation. You can use overhead lights and lampshades because they are portable. Replace the canned lights in your dining space with pendant lighting. Hanging a chandelier will add elegance in your dining room. If you desire to remove the old light fixtures of your landlord, ensure that you will put them in a safe place.
  • Put up shelves. Most landlords don’t want holes in their rental houses so use a bookshelf or any shelving unit to display your books or any personal items. Shelves will give your rented house the ambiance of a genuine home. For petite spaces, use skinny and tall bookshelves that will draw eyes upward.
  • Plants. They are wonderful ways to bring warmth and cheerfulness to your rented house. And it’s certain that your landlord won’t have any qualms with them. Plants are inexpensive and there are lots of indoor plants that you can display in your living and dining rooms.

Save money while you are renting a home so you can buy your own house someday. For now, do the best that you can to secure your rented house so its next occupants will become comfortable. Don’t forget to negotiate with your landlord if you have any desire to decorate or arrange your small rental house, especially if your purpose is to make the house that you’re renting more pleasing.


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