How To Decorate a Split Entry with an Open Floor Plan

Designing a split entry with an open floor plan is a challenge for interior decorators and designers. The space in the foyer will become dominated by two staircases—one leading downwards, while the other is leading upwards. There is a short wall or overlooking rail in the foyer and it’s vital to make the split entry pleasing because it will set the ambiance for your house. Below are steps and guides on how to decorate a split entry with an open floor plan.

  • Measure or gauge the split entry walls. Begin from the door wall. Ensure that you have measured your door’s dimension, and its transoms and sidelights. Measure the upper windows if there’s a vaulted space. Note the locations of coat closets and electrical outlets where you can easily see it. Measure the beginning of each stair.
  • Illustrate the walls on a graphing paper. Use the formula ½ inch is equals to 1 foot scale. Write all the dimensions and features directly on your graph so you can observe or imagine the room more precisely.
  • Gauge the height of vaulted walls. Generally, the walls from the staircase must be painted. If you select a wainscoted paneling, then continue it in stairwells so you can have design consistency. Mount paintings and photographs in frames if you desire because staircase walls will showcase them marvelously and securely.
  • Upgrade if you have a sub-standard entry floor. Remember that it’s the first room that the visitors will see. Vinyl looks cheap so replace it. Slate is a great choice for material. Add good lighting and check your ceiling fixtures if they need replacement. A glass front door is better than a wooden material because the former will let the light in naturally.
  • Add electrical outlets. Put them on walls that do not have a front door or a closet. There must be an electrical outlet on third walls. They must be wired to circuit similar with the ceiling fixture.
  • Paint the staircase walls and the entry room. Use a neutral tone that can pick up the color of the floor. Paint your ceilings 2 or 3 shades lighter from the paint tone that you will use. You will have a finished output or look by doing this. Use glossy white to paint as trim unless the trims in your house are stained. If the trims are stained then use a color that will match the stain and finish.
  • Use large plants and sitting bench. The pot of your plant can be decorative but ensure that it will complement the colors of the staircase walls. Use a plant stand so it will be secured especially if you have toddlers in the house. Put a small bench in the corner between your front door and closet. The bench must be uniquely shaped or decorative. The bench must be comfortable that a person can easily remove his shoes or boots. Also, use a durable fine rug for areas where mud and snow might be tracked inside your house. The rug must be put in the center of your entry floor but it must not cover the floor entirely. Hold the rug in place by using a rubber backing pad.

Select colors for your walls from your entry floor rug and floor tiles. Your console table must be in contrast with your wall color. If there are many open wall spaces like vaulted ceilings, then use long mirrors and mount the artworks higher. Remember that function is better than appearance so ensure that the entry floor will delight and make your visitors comfortable.


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