How To Decorate a Teen Girl's Bedrom

Teen girls want a bedroom that reflects their unique personality while displaying their favorite possessions. With knowledge of her interests, favorite colors, and style, it is possible to decorate a teen girl’s bedroom and transform it into the well-decorated private space she has always wanted. A teen girl’s bedroom should be also designed and decorated to make her feel special, and this can be achieved using the following steps and advice.

Step 1

Consider Her Input Before You Decorate. Teen girls know how they want to decorate their bedroom, but the decorating ideas of teen girls are not always approved of by parents. Instead of opposing a teen girl’s decorating ideas, it is important to consider her input. If the color she wants for bedroom walls is far too bright or too bold for your liking, choose the hue she prefers in a lighter shade. The color she wants can be incorporated with bedroom accessories, and everyone will be happy with the outcome. You could also use the color of her choice to decorate an accent wall and paint or paper remaining bedroom walls in a lighter shade.  

Step 2

Browse the Internet for Design Styles. Every room should be decorated with a particular style in mind, and a teen girl’s bedroom is no exception. Browse the Internet for design styles, and consider the style your teen girl prefers for her bedroom. Does she appreciate contemporary design, or does she prefer elegant cottage-style decorating? Knowing the design style she prefers will help you decorate your teen girl’s bedroom in a way that will match her unique style and personality.

Step 3

Select a Primary Color Before You Decorate. Visit a local paint store or home improvement retailer for color samples, and bring them home to try in your teen girl’s bedroom. Have her select a color that represents the mood she wants to convey. Cool bedroom colors are calm and relaxing, and warm bedroom colors are invigorating. Once a primary color is chosen, decorate with accents and accessories that coordinate well with the bedroom.

Step 4

Choose Accent Colors. The next step is to choose accent colors for your teen girl’s bedroom. For example, if she chose dusty rose for a primary color, select a pretty shade of green as an accent color. This natural combination is ideal for a teen girl’s bedroom decorated in a floral theme. If she chose powder blue as a primary color, decorate further with cocoa brown accents. This color combination is very impressive, and it is an excellent choice for a teen girl’s bedroom. Accent colors can be incorporated into accessories such as throw pillows, window treatments, bedding, and wall hangings.

Step 5

Decide on Paint or Wallpaper. Paint is an excellent choice when deciding on ways to decorate a teen girl’s bedroom. Teen girls change their mind often, and what they like this year they may not like the next. Paint is easy to cover, and it is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate and update a bedroom. Wallpaper is also a great choice when looking for great ways to decorate a teen girl‘s bedroom, but it is typically more costly than paint, and it requires more work. If wallpaper is chosen, make sure it is something your teen girl can live with for at least two years.

Step 6

Decorate with New Bedding and Accessories. After the walls have been painted or papered, the next step is to choose new bedding. Most teen girls have outgrown character bedding. Decorate the bedroom with solid colored bedding that can be easily accessorized. With the addition of accent pillows the bed will look exceptionally luxurious and comfortable. Best of all, the bed coverings will not go out of style.

Step 7

Choose Wall Decor. Wall decor is a major consideration when deciding on ways to decorate a teen girl’s bedroom, and mirrors are essential. Decorate a wall with a beautiful framed mirror, and turn it into a focal point with the addition of candle wall sconces. These are items she will want to keep and hang in her home someday.

Step 8

Decorate with New Lighting. An ordinary bedroom light fixture in the center of the room is practical but boring. Instead of an ordinary light fixture with a plain white or clear glass shade, choose a colorful replacement cover. When deciding to change or further decorate a ceiling fan fixture, look for colorful replacement globes. In addition, give an old lamp a completely new look with a different lampshade. Decorate an ordinary lampshade with hundreds of faux gems or sequins for a glitzy look that teen girl’s love.

Step 9

Select Window Treatments. New window treatments are a must when decorating a teen girl’s bedroom. Consider the color and style of bedding, and choose ultra cool window treatments that make a dramatic statement. For something really unique, select three or more scarf valences of different colors for each window. Intertwine them on decorative hardware over the windows. Try various ways of draping and hanging the valences to come up with just the right way to decorate the windows and achieve a unique and impressive look.  

Step 10

Decorate with Comfy and Colorful Throw Rugs. If existing bedroom flooring could use a little color or added style, consider adding new throw rugs. For something unique that teen girls absolutely love, decorate with ultra-thick faux fur throw rugs to complete the look of the bedroom. They will hide any flaws in existing flooring and give flooring the extra color and texture it needs.

No matter how you choose to decorate your teen girl’s bedroom, include her in making choices as well as when completing the work. Teen girls enjoy creating and decorating their own private space, and with a little help, the special teen girl in your life will have the bedroom she has always wanted.

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you can also put emphasis on storage. teen girls have a lot of stuff :)

By Anonymous

nice. some of these tips you can also apply in designing other rooms in your house. thanks!

By Anonymous