How To Decorate a Toddler Boy's Room in Six Steps

If you have a toddler boy, you really do not have a lot of time on your hands to ponder the best design for his bedroom, so here are some quick tips to help you organize a chaotic world into a fun and functional room for you toddler.  Remember to avoid sharp corners and exposed outlets in the interest of safety, and keep breakable items out of reach.  Having an open expanse on the floor for crawling and playing are virtually all that a toddler needs to have fun in his bedroom.

Step 1

Find a Theme.  By now your little guy more than likely has a favorite storybook or cartoon show, and this can help you choose a theme for his bedroom.  You can often find bedding, curtains, furniture and even wall decals that are already fashioned to your theme.  

Step 2

Keep it Simple.  Toddlers stand up and fall down a lot, so plan something soft on the floor.  The floor is also their main play area.  Keep the floor free of clutter, and do not crowd the room with too much furniture.  By using something like removable wall decals to decorate your toddler's room, you can easily switch it up as his favorite storybook character changes over time.  

Step 3

Use Sturdy Furniture.  Furniture should be sturdy because this is a boy's room.  Little boys are physical, and his room needs to stand up to his antics.  If he is learning to walk, he will be using everything that he can get his hands on to pull himself up.  Make sure that the furniture will not tip over on him.  If there is any danger of tipping, anchor the furniture to a wall or get it out of his room.  

Step 4

Decorate the Walls.  Painting a mural on your toddler's wall is a fun way to add color and whimsy to his room.  You can buy a mural kit that is basically a giant paint by numbers picture, so virtually anyone can paint a mural.  Or you can paint it freehand if you keep your subject simple.  Bright colored geometric shapes can make an eye catching mural.  

Step 5

Install Soft Floors.  Toddlers are just learning how to walk, and they are not too steady on their feet.  Since tumbling is a normal part of their day, why not soften the landing for them a little, particularly if you have hardwood floors.  Any time you put a carpet down, make sure that you put a non slip pad under it to keep it secure.  You may also want to consider a play mat that has little streets or train tracks on it making a great place to play with his favorite cars and trains.

Step 6

Create it on a Tiny Scale.  Now think about the world from your toddler's eye.  Your toddler is about two feet tall.  Have some furniture in the room that is just his size.  A toddler size table and chairs can be a place for him to play with his building blocks.  Providing him with low toy bins also allows him to help when it is time to pick up his toys, and it is never too early to start developing a good habit.  And do not forget the night light on his bedside table.  After a long day at play even the most exhausted toddler may still need the reassurance that a little ambient light can offer.  

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