How To Decorate a Toddler (Girl's) Room on a Budget

It is vital for your little girl to have her own space because it is her preparation on becoming older. Her privacy is important at this stage especially if you have little boys in the house. Having her own space is practical but if you are having economic problems then below are the steps and guides to help you in decorating a toddler (girl’s) room if you are on a budget.

  • Analyze the room. List the things that your little girl needs for her room. Include the possible expenses for renovation. Set a budget for decoration or renovation so you won’t exceed your budget.
  • Clean the room. Look for old paints if there is a need to repaint the walls or ceiling of your little girl’s room. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before arranging the furniture and furnishings in the room.
  • Furniture. Measure her room to determine the number of furniture and items that can be put and arranged in the room. Paint old furniture if possible to save money. Look into the other rooms if there are extra chairs, tables, cabinets that you can transfer to the room of your little princess. You can also ask family members and friends if they have old furniture that you can use.
  • Toddler bedding. Canvass for toddler bedding in various retail shops like Target and Wal-Mart. You can also buy bedding online. Just ensure that you will purchase from a power seller to avoid any deceits. You can also sew her bedding for sentimental and economic reasons. Buy or sew several bedding because it is important to change bedding every two or three days for hygienic purpose.
  • Storage for stuffed animals. Use carton boxes as storage for the things of your little girl. Buy used carton boxes from your local grocery store. Paint or draw in the carton boxes to make them attractive. It’s better if you will ask her to design her carton storage box herself.
  • Bookshelf.  Create your own bookshelf. Use idle woods in your backyard, if the woods aren’t enough then buy wood planks from your local hardware store. If you aren’t confident about your carpentry skills, then hire someone to do the job for you. You can save some bucks instead of buying pre-made bookshelves.
  • Miscellaneous toys. If she has older sisters and cousins, ask them if they have stuffed animals, books and used educational toys among others that they can give to your little girl.

There are many ways on how to save money in decorating the room of your little girl. Give her the best while she is a toddler because she is already forming her attitude and manners. Don’t forget that when she becomes a teenager, her time that she can spend with the family will become less because she’ll meet other people from school and social circles. Giving your little girl her own room while she is a toddler is a wonderful gift that she will appreciate.


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