How To Decorate a Whimsical Children's Playroom

A playroom is the best gift you can ever give your children. Hence, reserve a room at home that you can transform into their haven. They will thank you forever for reserving a room for them where they can have fun and build memories as they grow older.
Though children will appreciate any kind of playroom, it will be better to make them experience an out-of-the box playroom. A whimsical playroom will help them have more fun times and make them improve their imagination. Here’s a guide you can follow to create a playroom of this kind for your children:

  • Paint the walls of the room. A pale yellow paint will do best for a whimsical playroom. If the walls have a current dark color, use a primer to help you lessen the times you have to coat the walls to achieve a pale shade. This will help you save a lot of money and time for the project.
  • Install picket fences. Purchase picket fences from home improvement stores or hardware shops. Buy pre-painted fences in white. However, if you purchase unfinished fences, paint them white using a semi-gloss paint. Install the fences around the walls of the room. Use a nail gun to help secure the fences on the wall. However, before doing so, ensure that you sand the edges of the fences for the safety of your children.
  • Design the walls. Stencil or draw different objects on the walls right above the fences. Use a variety of colors when doing your art. Objects you can stencil or draw include bumblebees, caterpillars, butterflies, bugs, and birds.
  • Decorate the windows. A balloon shade will best decorate the windows to create a whimsical appeal. Make the balloon shade from striped fabric. It is also a good alternative to purchase a balloon valance topper. Hang it right above the window of the room.
  • Add a ceiling fan. The best ceiling fan you can get for a children's playroom is the one with light fixtures on it. Besides being a fan during the warm summer days, it will serve as a light for the night.
  • Add age-appropriate furnishings. Use your imagination when it comes to playroom furniture. For instance, create a bookshelf that is shaped like a house. Then, add some decorations in the furniture such as bugs or flowers. There are a lot of projects you can purchase in craft shops that are ready-made for the playroom. Moreover, a small table and small chairs will go well in the playroom. Place a rug under the table and chair setup to keep the feet of the children warm while at play. The rug can double as a dirt catcher during play.
  • Get theme-oriented accessories. A good idea to accessorize a whimsical playroom is a stuff toy that sits on a little swing hung high above the ceiling. This will create a good view for the children but it must be hung high enough so they cannot reach it. Other accessories include flower pots, plastic flowers, box organizers, display books, and the like. Letters on the wall spelling out their names and other words are good playroom accessories, too.

A whimsical playroom is a great gift you can give to your children. Use your imagination and creativity for this project. The laughter you hear from your children when playing in the room will be enough payment.


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