How To Decorate a Window Seat

A window is a great spot at home to arrange a seating area. Why not? The view from the window alone can be a complete package already. This is not to mention yet that a window seat at home can add value to your home and to the overall appeal of any room.
However, before you can achieve a great window seat, there are a lot of challenges that may come in the picture. So to make things easier for you, check out the following tips to help you in decorating a window seat at home:

  • Choose a color and a theme. This is an easy step as you simply need to follow the existing color and theme of the room for this project. For instance, if your living room has a modern theme, decorating the window seat must be inspired by the same kind of theme. When talking about the color, consider other details in the room such as the color of the wall and the carpets, the types of the furniture pieces in the room, and the like.
  • Pick a good fabric to cover the seat and accent pillows. It is best to choose fabrics of contrasting colors for the seat and the pillows. As a guide, purchase a neutral colored fabric for the seat and bolder-colored fabrics for the accent pillows. The drapes must not be something special. They must be similar to that of the other windows of the room. Do not add heavy curtains or special blinds in the window as they will not only add weight but will also not do any good for their appeal.
  • Add your collection in the display. If your window seat has shelves in the two sides of the window’s area, it is a great idea to display your collections there. This is true no matter what your collection is, be it porcelain, sports memorabilia, and the like. However, make it a point not to clutter the space too much. Arrange the pieces in different heights to create a visually appealing decoration.
  • Arrange flowers around the seat. Choose flowers in different colors to match the theme of the room. This can be a choice of silk or fresh flowers. Vary your options in sizes and heights to bring life to the area.
  • Add some photo frames. Adding photo frames is not much of a necessity. However, if you want to add more family appeal to the window seat area, add picture frames in the shelves. The photos you can display may be in black and white or colored depending on availability and your preferences.
  • Add a table by the window seat. A small table by the seat is a functional addition to the overall setup of the home’s window seat. The table can also be a good spot to arrange some books and other accessories to add more appeal to the window seat area.

You don't just decorate a window seat for aesthetic purposes alone. Though this is often the reason behind projects of a window seat, this must only be second in the list. Your comfort is the number one priority when arranging a window seat. After all, it is you and the rest of your family who will be using it day after day.


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