How To Decorate a Young Girl's Bedroom

Give your young daughter or sister a great gift by decorating her room. Choose a design or theme that you know she would like. The most popular designs are castles and princess themes. Forests and flowers are also popular elements in the design of a young girls' bedroom. There is a variety of designs for you to choose from. With each one, you should consider the girl's interests. You can decorate a young girl's bedroom easily without spending too much. These simple tips will help you get the best room décor for a minimal price.

Here are a few simple ideas on how to decorate a young girl's bedroom:

  1. Try decorating the bedroom with a castle and princess theme. It is very popular among young girls, as they bring to mind images of fairy tales. Use them as your inspiration by incorporating fairies, unicorns and rainbows into the design. Make sure that you use only soft hues like yellow, pink or cream for the walls. Light colored walls are usually used for this purpose. A canopy bed is the best choice for a princess themed bedroom. Make sure that you use soft, lacy curtains to accentuate the softness of the bed. Everything should be elegant, and this includes the sheets, pillow casings and linens. Accentuate your design through colors like pink and red. Girly colors are best for this. You can also choose to decorate the room with sparkly pieces like snow globes, crowns and wands. Have fun with the design. An idea would be to paint some graphics on the wall using acetate. Simply project the image on the wall and trace it with colored paint.
  2. A forest and flower theme is also popular among young girls. There are good for young girls who are interested in wildlife, but still have a girly side to them. The color palette for a forest and flower theme usually consists of green, blue, white and yellow. They are usually soothing colors which relax the eyes. You can draw on the walls to add some detail. The best images would be butterflies, flowers, unicorns, trees and various animals. However, make sure that you don't over decorate, as this can look messy.
  3. An alternative way to decorate a young girl's room is through hanging photos and posters on the wall. The poster of the latest movie of her favorite celebrity can work very well for this purpose. You can even buy sheets with the same theme as the movie or celebrity. You can easily find them in online classified ads, or through the celebrity's website.
  4. If your child is old enough, she may decide on her own theme. Just pay attention to the things she likes, and see which of her choices will match the current theme of the house.

Decorating a young girl's bedroom can be fun. Release your imagination and let it flow, and bring back childhood memories. With a few simple, yet inventive ideas, you can transform a boring room into a beautiful space where any young girl would want to live in.


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