How To Decorate Attic Bedrooms

The attic is a nice spot to hold bedrooms. However, there are a lot of challenges that comes with decorating attic bedrooms. The slopes in the roof alone are enough reasons to make this project a tough one. Add to this, you will definitely find a hard time upstairs getting attic bedrooms into shape. However, with your patience and creativity, great attic rooms can be born. Take a look at these guidelines to help you in your attic bedroom project:

  • Think of a theme for the rooms. Attic sleeping rooms can be designed depending on the theme you want to have. It can be beach-inspired, vintage, contemporary, and the like. Hence, plan what kind of theme you want for the rooms. This will be your guide in making decisions later in the project.
  • Paint the attic walls. Depending on your theme, pick a good color that reflects your personality. Paint the walls and the roof with your color choices. However, be careful with the choice of colors. Stick to shades that can create an appeal of making the attic rooms appear larger than usual.
  • Find a spot for the bed. The bed is the focal point of all bedrooms. Hence, it must be the first thing to keep in mind when decorating bedrooms situated in the attic. As a tip, it is best to locate the bed in one of the sides of the attic room and not at the center. Since space is an issue in most attic bedrooms, this trick will do for you. However, it is best that you find a spot for the bed where the ceiling is high. This way, you can have room to set up a ceiling fan in preparation for the summer months. The attic can become too hot during the summer season despite having an air conditioning system.
  • Convert the other side into a seating area. The other side of the bed must be a comfortable seating area where you can relax. A simple loveseat or small sofa will do best for this area. A good table and good lighting will greatly complete this seating area in the bedrooms.
  • Limit the number of furniture items. It is not a good idea to crowd the attic bedroom with too much furniture. Only the basic necessities must be present in the room. You surely want to have more walking space in a bedroom so do not overwhelm the area with furniture pieces.
  • Choose good furniture pieces. The best pieces of furniture to purchase for attic bedrooms are the ones that are smaller in size. Plus, multifunctional items are good options, too. For instance, a bed with under storage for the clothes will do better in attic bedrooms than a separate bed and bureau. Be wise on your decisions so you will not end up throwing your purchases into waste or crowding the space too much.

Attic bedrooms are by no means lesser of value and appeal than usual bedrooms. If you know how to decorate them, you will find a good spot to relax during the day and sleep at night. Just be careful about your decorating decisions. Attic bedrooms can easily become a wasted space with a simple mistake in your decorating ideas.


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