How To Decorate Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a special type of bed in which one bed frame is attached to the top of another bed frame. The main idea of having a bunk bed is to maximize the space of the bedroom. This type of bed can be very useful for dormitories or kids’ bedrooms that have a small space.

If you want to decorate bunk beds, here are some useful tips on how to do it.

  • Set a specific theme. Like in any decorating activity, selecting a theme is very important. You can try to personalize the bunk beds according to the personalities of the individuals who will sleep in it or you can choose a theme that will reflect the environment of the room. For example, if you’re decorating bunk beds for your kids’ room, try selecting a theme that will set a comfortable and fun environment for your kids. If you are using bunk beds for dormitories, you could use a design that will foster a studying environment.
  • Attach wall decorations. Another way to maximize the decoration of bunk beds is to hang photo frames on its poles or walls. Aside from using it as part of your décors, it can also help create a more comfortable atmosphere in the room. You might also want to try to style your bunk bed using different embellishments. You could try to hang a curtain to help create a more private space for the lower bunk. You could also attach a corkboard on the wall. This way, you can also utilize the wall space while maximizing the over-all space of the room.
  • Decide on a specific color scheme. In relation to your theme, the color scheme or palette you will use can greatly affect the atmosphere and décor of your bunk bed. Hence, you must select a color scheme that will complement the color of the room. Like in any bedroom, avoid using darker colors when painting your bunk beds. Alternatively, if you want to, try to mix it with lighter colors. You could also try using monochromatic color palette. This will make the room and the bunk bed look more colorful and livelier.
  • Use matching slipcovers and pillowcases. Another way you can decorate your bunk beds is to make use of matching slipcovers and pillowcases. This will create a neat look for your bunk beds. You should also use colors that match the color scheme you use.
  • Maximize the space under the bunk bed. Remember that the primary purpose of bunk beds is to maximize the space in the room. The space under your bank beds can also be used in various ways. You can use it as a storage space for the things that you don’t often use.

These are some useful tips on how you can decorate your bunk bed while maximizing the space in the room. Today, there are now different bunk bed variations. There are now L-shaped bunk bed arrangements, wherein the storage area is placed underneath the top bunk. This takes up half of the bottom area. The bottom bunk is placed under half of the area, perpendicular to the top bunk’s orientation.


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