How To Decorate Cape Cod Bedrooms

Whether or not you have a Cape Cod home, you can decorate your bedroom in a Cape Cod style. The Cape Cod style is usually a kind of styling that originated in the 17th century New England. The style has low and broad features with high ceilings and high-pitched roofings. A Cape Cod style includes little furnishing and ornamentation.

You can easily make a Cape Cod style bedroom by applying shades of view and white. You can also use subtle floral fabrics on the walls or furnishings. Cape Cod bedrooms feel airy, light and comfortable. You can use these tips and ideas for decorating.

  • Windows can be set-up depending on the size and scope. Depending on the placement of the windows, you might have some space at the bottom for a lamp table, window seat or bookcase. In case the windows are full-length, you can add an open-style lamp table which doesn’t obscure the light coming in from the window. This will help use the space without negatively affecting the architectural advantages from the window’s size. Add curtains or shutters on the window, depending on the room’s décor. If the wall around the window is angled and if the ceiling is low, use this space for decorative storage or seating.
  • You can decorate with or without architectural embellishments. If you have whitewashed walls, pair these with cottage chic furnishings. You can use wrought iron accessories and lighting fixtures. You should use soft blue- and white-striped linens. If you have rich hardwood floors, use soft white rugs to help contribute to a beach-like style. White shutters made of clapboard are particularly useful as window highlights. Meanwhile, a white rocking chair will be great for added seating in the room. Add minimal accessories. You can include pictures of deserted stretches of sandy beaches, light blue water or rocky cliffs.
  • Apply the cottage feel of a Cape Cod bedroom style with deep blue walls, which are covered by white bead board right beneath the wainscoting. Choose a white or mahogany colored poster bed. You can mismatch the remaining pieces of furniture, particularly the white ones. Place an overstuffed fabric chair in floral prints next to a small bookcase and table to serve as a reading nook. You can add fluffy down comforter or duvet cover in floral or solid white color.
  • Add a lot of pillows on the bed. Add soft and billowy curtains. This will give you a  cozy and yet airy look and feel. Your bedroom will feel like a Cape Cod cottage.

Some tips:

  • If you are painting over your room, try to accent the architectural details with paint colors in coordinating color.
  • In case you are doing a painting project, keep in mind that you should paint in a well-ventilated environment. Keep doors and windows open, and follow safety precautions, like ensuring adequate air flow, wearing work clothes and protecting your eyes from paint. Protect your room’s floors by using  a dropcloth or old newspapers when doing paint work.


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