How To Decorate for a Class Reunion

Decorating for a class reunion is fun. For one, anything under the sun is possible. Simply imagine your former classmates’ interesting personalities and you would have an endless listing of themes and motifs. You may also get inspiration from the “actual number” of your upcoming get-together. Is it your 10th, 15th, or 25th homecoming? Here are some exciting ideas in making your decoration for a class reunion fun and fresh: 

  1. Think of a great table centerpiece. Ask some of your former classmates if they would like to sponsor the centerpiece. In return, they could attach their calling cards into the centerpiece as a form of advertisement or acknowledgment. One good centerpiece is bunch of flowers placed in a rustic jar. It would be perfect if the flowers have something to do with your batch and the rustic jar has something to do with your school’s official colors.
  2. Try the “now-and-then” concept. Way before the reunion, contact and ask some of your former classmates to “contribute” or “bring” their framed photos, old and new ones. The old photos should be related to your class activities – the intramurals, the school fair, a concert, a symposium, or even perhaps, your prom. You could strategically place the framed photos all over the venue, like exhibition pieces. They would definitely triggered small talks when people start to arrive.
  3. Take inspiration from your school’s colors. From the invitations to the balloons, your alma mater’s colors should be able to rekindle everybody’s school spirit. You may also consider having your school mascot around. Displaying your school banner may be a wonderful piece at the entrance or at the center stage.
  4. Ask help from the “homemakers”. You may either form a decoration committee or simply ask for volunteers here. The goal is trouble-free. Committee members or volunteers are requested to decorate a particular table on the day of your reunion. They should use their own china and table cloths. They should also accent the table with the stuff taken from their own homes.
  5. Consider making your reunion venue into “a memory lane”. Frame or install some of your batch’s memorabilia: old jerseys, football helmets, cheerleading uniforms, championship trophies, or graduation caps and gowns. You may also photocopy, blow up, or mount some pages from your yearbook, some clippings from your campus newspaper, or some class photos.
  6. Use the “symbols of your youth” as your reunion’s theme. Think about the most popular song during your junior or senior years. What about the most talked about movie? Did you all fall in love with a dance craze? Make a short list of all the things that could associated to your batch and from the list, choose one as your overall theme. Align everything to your theme, from your dress code, the music selection, the food choices, to your decorations.

Whatever is your reunion’s motif, theme, or concept, don’t forget to prepare and provide for the name tags. You don’t want your former classmates to be fumbling and stammering because they could not figure out who is around.


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