How To Decorate for a Disco Party

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A disco party is always a hit. In fact, it never goes out of fashion. Partygoers simply love to dress the part. There is really something about bell-bottomed denims, shimmering suits, big wigs, and satin jackets. Don’t forget about the fake mustaches, the intimidating platform-soled shoes, and the rainbow-inspired accessories. Here are some basic elements to make your disco party look and feel authentic:

1.    Your ceiling should be adorned by a big, revolving disco ball. You should place the mirrored ball just above the designated dance floor. But don’t worry. A disco ball is easy to source. If you want to buy one, visit any nearby party stores. There are also some online vendors who could deliver your order at your convenience. If you are looking for the “genuine article”, check out some of the vintage shops in your local community. A disco ball is available in different sizes and price points. Go for the one that suits your taste and budget.

2.    Strobe lights should provide the disco-atmosphere. Strobe lights are essential in boosting the energy of your disco party. They create pulsating lights that enliven the dance floor. They also simulate an illusion that you are strutting in slow motion. That would certainly hype up your disco party.

You may rent or purchase your strobe lights. If you are ingenious, you may even improvise them. You may even consider twisting black light bulbs into your bathroom lighting fixtures, your hallway sconces, and your dining room. They would surely illuminate everything that is white – your teeth, your eyes, and your outfit. It would be fun.

3.    Don’t forget the accents. Over your entryways, hang some beaded curtains. Choose the designs that reflect and embody the true spirit of the ‘70’s.

Decorate some “disco” objects, too. Perk up your walls with some smileys. What about some peace sign stickers? You may even want blow up and mount some of the ultimate movies and TV shows in the ‘70’s. One cool example is the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Make sure to prominently display them around your designated gathering areas. Of course, don’t miss putting on some vintage records from the same era. You may just hang them like wall photos. Your guests would love the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, the Village People, or Diana Ross.

4.    Try hosting some disco games. Aside from the disco music, some ice breakers could make your disco party memorable. Encourage your guests to interact and socialize. What about playing the “Trivial Pursuit”, The '70s Edition? Or perhaps, a disco dance contest patterned after "Saturday Night Fever"? It would also be wild and exciting to pre-order a John Travolta-inspired piñata.

Conclude your disco party with a bang!  Give away some disco party favors. You want to extend your sincerest gratitude to your guests by distributing tokens right before they leave your house. Nice items include small lava lamps, glow sticks, smiley stickers, or if you have the budget, tie-dyed t-shirts. Your guests would certainly remember your creativity, your hospitality, and your passion for a great party.


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