How To Decorate for a Jewelry Party

A jewelry party is held to showcase one important thing – your precious and much-loved jewelry collection. So, in order for you to come up with great decoration ideas for your next jewelry party, here are some practical pointers to think about:

1.    Plan on how to properly display your jewelry. Begin by reworking your tables. Bear in mind that bare tables are a bit tacky. Unless your tables are specifically tailored, designed, or made for jewelry, you are expected to cover them properly. Go for black velvet materials. They would absolutely bring out the intricate beauty of most of your jewelry pieces. However, if some of your jewelry items are darker, favor a lighter background. The contrast would create a significant effect.

Get those jewelry display trays. They would be very handy when your guests want to see your pieces closely. You may want to accentuate them with some clear marbles. You also consider enhancing them with some fitted mirrors. Of course, if you have some earrings, place them on earring holders. If you need to show your earrings to your guests, it would be easier for you to handle them. You don’t need to worry about dropping them or losing their studs.

To finish the touch, improve your lighting set up. Work out something that would reflect the true beauty and brilliance of your jewelry. You may also place your lighting in such a way that jewelry pieces don’t cast shadows.

2.    Decorate to echo or reflect the mood of your pieces. Your party would be heavily influenced by the pieces you intend to showcase. Ask yourself if they are sophisticated. Are they fun? Or casual?

For example, you strongly feel that your pieces are formal and dramatic. Strive to achieve that by carefully choosing the suitable elements. Would you need some flowers? How would you display your table centerpieces? What would be the appropriate table covers? You may even want to play some soft music. Perhaps something instrumental. Your guests would surely sense the sophistication as they hear the music in the background.

3.    Make your jewelry set up more guest friendly. It would fantastic if your guests are enticed to try on some of your pieces. So, when you decorate, consider prominently placing some mirrors around your house. The mirrors should be sufficiently lighted. If your space is limited, prepare a number of hand-held mirrors. They would be indispensable in allowing your guests to see if your pieces are truly desirable. You may also place a measuring tape near your display area. Some guests would like to find out the length of their wrists, particularly if they are eyeing your bracelets. The measuring tape would conveniently provide them with the accurate length.

Aside from showcasing your jewelry pieces, give your guests the chance to unwind and socialize. Offer them some snacks and drinks. Of course, your table set up should match or compliment your jewelry display. It would be safe to aspire for something that is simple yet elegant.


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