How To Decorate Interior Columns

Interior columns are often seen as an eyesore. They take up space. And they can block your view. However, sometimes columns are an essential part of architecture, especially if your structure requires additional support, such as if you have a big room without much walls. You can add some appeal to interior columns such that they’re no longer eyesores, but decorative pieces. You can add spice to your room by decorating interior columns, no matter what the shape and size.

What you need

  • You will need paint in colors that will match your living space.
  • You can use silk flowers and greenery.
  • You will need twine or wire.
  • You will also need a glue gun.

How to do it

  • Choose paint that will complement the rest of the room. Go for complementary colors. Or, go with something that will match the color of the room, so that the colors do not clash.
  • Cover your floor and living space with dropcloths or old newspapers. You will need this if you will be painting the column.
  • Paint the interior column with a solid block of color. You can use neutral colors for your living space.
  • Use glossy paint. Or, you can apply glaze later on. Use a medium paintbrush or roller over the layer of paint. For a shinier look, use a second coat of gloss or glaze.
  • Let the paint and glaze dry.
  • You can add silk greenery to wrap around the column. Wrap wire or twine around the green’s stems. Continue doing this to keep the greenery secure on the column.
  • Then, add silk flowers onto the greenery by inserting the stems through the greenery and wire. Give about two or three inches of space in between flowers. Use hot glue to seacure the flowers onto the column. Be sure to hold the flowers a few seconds while the glue cools down to secure it.
  • You can wrap the greenery throughout the length of the column, and even toward the bottom. This will give the column a more interesting look.

Other ideas

  • You can also add other pieces of décor, aside from greenery and silk flowers. You can get decals of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Instead of flowers and greenery, you can also add other décor to the column. Add pieces of artwork or framed photos. You can attach these using self-adhesive hooks with sticky backing. If the column is rectangular or square shaped, you can add one piece of painting on each side. If the column is wide, you can include more than one painting on a wide side.
  • Aside from painting or adding objects on the column itself, you can decorate an interior column by adding accent pieces or furniture pieces in front. For example, you can add a small planter, or a small table in front of the column. You can also add a small bookshelf, where you can place small items like books, candles, and keys. This way, the column serves a practical purpose.


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