How To Decorate Store-Front Windows

Decorating store-front windows usually takes a lot of time to learn and develop. Some consider it as an art form. Some will consider it a great feat of marketing genius to properly decorate a store-front window because you need to know just the right things to show that will attract customers. Decorating a store-front window will require creativity, so that the display will attract prospective shoppers into your store. You want to let them know what’s inside your store. You want to feature several items from different price points. You want to include eye-catching colors and designs.

  • Use shelves on the window space. This gives you more space to work, and gives you more flexibility when it comes to including items in the store-front design. Make sure the shelves are wide enough. This way, you can place displays both ways. You can place displays that face outside to passers-by, and you can add an inward-looking display for people already in your store.
  • Use the window’s top and bottom portion to your advantage. You can hang items using ceiling hooks, poles or even branches. You can hang sweaters and other items of clothing, for example. You can also grow things from the ground upwards. You can place potted plants on the floor, and you can hang items like earrings or ornaments here.
  • Use the color palette to make a strong statement. This can involve bright, summery tones, soft pastels or a contrasting set of colors. Use a theme that includes fun and bright colors, so that passing customers will find the display interesting.
  • Develop a theme that includes an overall design. For example, if you’re using a nautical theme, you can add shells and an anchor to the window display, and also some shells.
  • Emphasize similarities in your display items. You can place bowls of items of the same brand, in different sizes and colors.
  • Go with the season. Decorating your storefront windows will involve changing the designs and décor according to the season. For example, if summer is coming up, then you can decorate the window with items that remind people of summer, such as the beach.
  • Change the contents of your window display every now and then. This way, your window display doesn’t become old and stale.
  • Emphasize similarities and contrast among the items. You can, for example, place a row of items on the same brand, color and size. You can hang a single item that stands out from the rest, so that passers-by’s eyes will be drawn to this item.

Additional tips

  • Try to vary the contents of your display window, especially near the end of each season. This way, potential customers will be reminded that it’s nearing season’s end, and that they will need to find time to buy or shop for holiday items.
  • Take advantage of size differences, especially when displaying different items. For example, you can showcase infant accessories along with adult clothes, for an interesting comparison.


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