How To Decorate With Driftwood

Driftwood are perhaps among the best treasures you can bring home from the beach. Driftwood might come from pieces of fence that wash up during a storm, or this can be a petrified branch from a tree. Perhaps it could even be part of a shipwreck. Your driftwood discovery can be more than just a souvenir. It can be part of the décor you have at home.

  • Make your very own beach in a bowl or pot. Fill it with sand and enjoy the feel of the beach year in, year out. You can add a piece of driftwood that you find from various beaches. Add these to other beach finds like shells and seagrass.
  • You can look for large pieces of driftwood and set these as objects of art. You can find the gnarls, twists, bends and different colors of the driftwood interesting. These add character to the wood, and can be great additions to a coffee table or stand.
  • Use smaller pieces of driftwood as photo frames or photo holders. Simply take a picture and bend it a bit so it will stick to the driftwood. Otherwise, you can use hot glue to help stick the photo onto the driftwood frame.
  • You can also paint the driftwood using freehand style. Simply place the driftwood onto a drop cloth, and start painting your beachy picture. This can include scenes from the sea or beach, such as crabs, boats, lighthouses, and he like. This can help evoke your memories of the beach, even if you live miles and miles away from the water.
  • Make borders around your garden plants. You can use driftwood as a border in your garden. Paint flowers on the driftwood for effect. For bigger pieces, you can even convert these into a bench in your garden. Some flowers, like orchids, might also need driftwood to thrive and grow. You can install these in strategic places, where you can grow your orchids or flowers on the surface of the driftwood itself.
  • Add small pieces of driftwood to lovely glass jars or containers. Add your favorite beach finds like shells and starfish. You can place these in a spot where you want to be reminded of your memories in the beach. These pieces of décor can help you remember the good times you’ve had with family and friends. You will surely look forward to returning to the beach in the summer!
  • You can make driftwood collecting even more fun if you involve your family and friends in it. Whenever you go to the beach, try to look for loose pieces of wood on the water or on the sand. You can make it a part of your daily routine when going to the beach. Then when you get home, try to compare your finds. You can keep these together, depending on the kind of décor or layout you want to accomplish. Driftwood collecting can be a fun activity done with friends and family. It’s even more fun if you can decorate your home or garden with it.


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