How To Decorate with Grapevine

House decorating is not a difficult job. Some women consider this a hobby. They love making their houses look beautiful in their own way. But a low budget doesn't have to be a barrier to high-style decoration. You can create house decorations that are low budget but appear expensive. Decorating with grapevine is one of those ways. It is easy to do, because you can find materials around your house, so you don't spend lots of money, yet it gives your home an elegant look.

To decorate with grapevine, follow these steps:

  1. Collect or harvest grapevines and remove any leaves or remaining fruits. If you find the grapevine far from your house, coil the vine into a circle and bind it for easier transport. We also use the vine to hold their form for décor making.
  2. It is also important to make sure that all the things you need are ready. This includes scissors or knives.
  3. To start, get one grapevine and make a circle smaller than the desired complete size of your design. Then continue coiling the excess vines to make a strong circle. When the finished circle is decorated with flowers and balls and lights, it will expand to a larger size.
  4. Continue coiling the vine until you make a strong circle. Finish it by tying the excess vine to keep all the coiled vines together as one circle. This keeps the circle from separating.
  5. Tie or glue the whole circle to make sure it cannot be damaged or destroyed. Glue is also helpful in attaching flowers or ornaments on the grapevine. This way, inserted items won’t destroy the grapevine and will not be easily removed.
  6. Tie your decorations to the vine if you want to be sure they will not be damaged. If you want your grapevine decoration to be natural looking, you may glue dried roses or other flowers to it.
  7. After the glue has dried, put a nylon string or ribbon at the side of the circle. Display your grapevine decoration on doors or walls; this decoration fits every occasion. If it is Christmas, put Christmas lights around the circle and hang it on the door or in the window.

After you finish your own grapevine decoration, you will be proud because you made a decoration that is beautiful, but you did not spend lots of money; you only need your creativity. Whoever will see your decoration will be amazed and surprised how it was done and how inexpensive it was. Also, you have displayed your creativity. The project will give you confidence, and parties and other occasions would not be a hassle because you know how to decorate your home.


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