How To Decorate With Nature

Nature is full of beauty and comfort and as such it makes sense to bring it indoors and use it for comfortable homes. It is also inexpensive and has a lot of great uses. Whether adding a bit of nature to your house or centering your decor around nature there is something for everyone!

Step 1

Plants. Having a few plants around the house adds natural color, brightness, and improves air quality. Plus many house varieties can be picked up inexpensively. If you don't have a green thumb then try a philodendron or a spider plant. Both are strong and not likely to die on you. Another option is to fill a vase with water. Rinse the roots of a plant (philodendron, spider plants, and peace lilies do really well in a vase). Place the plant in the vase and let the roots grow in the water. This is easy to remember to water (water when the water level gets down).

Step 2

Wood. Wood can add a lot of warmth to the feel of a home. You can use wood furniture (buying old furniture and refinishing works well), wood shelves, wood bowls, carvings, and other items can be used for warm decorations. You can also collect driftwood to decorate with.

Step 3

Flowers and plant materials. Flowers can be cut and shown off in the spring. This can include flowering bushes and trees as well. If flowers aren't available for cutting then pick up some bright colored arrangements. These days they are available at the grocery store for a small amount of money and last a long time (often up to two weeks). It is well worth the five to ten dollars, especially in the dark days of winter. Flowers can grace a mantel, counter, table, and even decorate the bathroom!

  • Potpourri. You can use plant materials for making your own potpourri. This will allow you to fill a bowl or vase for a beautiful aromatic look that adds the comfort of nature to your home. 
  • Twigs and branches. You can decorate with twigs and branches. These can be arranged in a vase, laid out on a shelf, or hung on a wall. Some great options include money plants, pussy willows, and ever green branches. 
  • Dried and pressed flowers. You can make arrangements from dried flowers and pictures from pressed ones for beautiful natural items to decorate with. 
  • Wreaths. Make your own wreaths for a beautiful look and add all your favorite natural items. 

Step 4

Stones. Stones can make for great decorations. You can add them around the fireplace, decorate the mantel and shelves, and even use the in vases for beautiful looks. Add them around other decorations, in water fountains, and in your plants.

Step 5

Shells. Shells can be used in the same way as stones, but can add a little more color without having to buy them. You can also use them to decorate picture frames, fill shadow boxes, and even to hang on the wall.

Step 6

Sand. Sand might not seem like a good thing to decorate your home with, but you can fill vases and bottles with it for beautiful looks. You can also use it in decorative crafts such as making your own picture frames, decorating bowls, and even using it on furniture. Glue it in place and cover it with polyurethane for a beautiful look. Sand comes in a wide range of colors and also makes a great free souvenir.

Step 7

Fruits and vegetables. Use your fruits and vegetables (the ones that your family will be eating) as decorations. These can be placed in baskets, set on shelves, and even made into a centerpiece. Take it out as you need to. You can also buy fruits and vegetables specifically for decorating with. These include pumpkins, dried corn cobs, and gourds. Gourds can also be dried, painted, decorated, and used as vases (without water), bowls, dishes, and other items.

Step 8

Water. Water is also very peaceful. You can use it as a decorating medium in a lot of different ways. Having a vase full of water and a plant can be peaceful. You can also make a vase with a Betta fish in it for added color.

Another option is water fountains. These have gained popularity and come in a wide range of styles. They are peaceful and soothing as well as beautiful.

Nature can make your home feel and look beautiful. A little creativity and a nature walk can bring home a whole world of style and beauty. These are just a few tips and ideas to get you started!


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