How To Decorate with Red for an Appetizing Kitchen

If someone told you to paint your kitchen red all over, you would probably think they were crazy, even if red happened to be your favorite color.  But take a minute and think about the color red.  It is the color of passion, of hunger, and of luscious ripened fruits and vegetables.  Picture echoing your beautiful red décor with a heaping bowl of strawberries or tomatoes, or picking up your color theme with a beautiful display of bold red wines and cheeses.  At home in any design style, red can work equally well in a contemporary kitchen as it can in a country kitchen.  However, if the idea of really committing to red as a central theme in your design scheme stops you in your tracks, just scale back and start by dressing your neutral kitchen with red accents and work your way into it gradually.  

Step 1

White is the New Red
Color is an interesting thing.  It relies on its surroundings to give it context.  For example, normally you would think of white as a neutral color and when used on your walls you could accent it with a little red.  However, when you create your neutral backdrop out of red, and add a little white to the room, then white suddenly becomes the accent.   Rooms that use red as the neutral for a slick, industrial look still feel warm and inviting, and the juxtaposition of white against red is fresh and clean and offers a much needed balance to the red.  

Step 2

Red Can Be Quaint

If you are going to incorporate red into your cottage style kitchen know how to use it as an accent color to pop off of a bright sunny yellow or apple green.  If you offset the brightness with calm neutrals like pale browns, cool grays and light woods then your room will feel comfortable and balanced.  Again, bringing in a big red bowl of fruit can be not only delicious, but it can add an organic feeling to your space.   

Step 3

Red Can Be Sleek
By adding sheen to your red, you propel your color into the future.  Sleek shiny shapes and surfaces set the stage for an ultra modern or industrial kitchen.  For a high-end restaurant feel pair your red with lots of stainless steel.  For a more personal modern style add shiny red appliances and incorporate red glass tile to the room along with a beautiful piece of art and your ultra modern kitchen look is complete.

Step 4

Red Can Be Neutral
If you want to showcase anything in a room, simply hang it on a red wall.  The red wall commands your attention, and then once it has your attention, you are free to enjoy whatever is displayed upon the wall.  While an important part of decorating any room is editing, that does not mean that you cannot be generous with color adding hints of purple, black, yellow or green throughout the room for a powerful effect. 

Bold and fun, red can really freshen up any kitchen space.  Play with red either as an accessory, a wall or the entire room, and when you are finished enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor.

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