How To Decorate With Romantic Country Style

Whatever the setting or application, a country still will definitely evoke feelings of romance. In this kind of theme, fabrics are gently worn, and furniture is a bit distressed, giving them a timeless appeal. You can turn any room or house into a romantic country style place with the use of mixed-and-matched fabrics. This will include floral, gingham, lace and chintz. Your furniture should be reminiscent of old English cottages or farmhouses of olden times.

Living room

  • The romantic country style involves prints in floral patterns, which can be done with embroidery or stamping. Use these on the windows. You can filter outdoor light with tapestry or curtains made from sheer panels with floral prints.
  • Mix and match period furnishings. You can go for an eccentric and eclectic look. This will involve wing-backed chairs and a wicker sofa.
  • You can make a slipcover from quilts or used floral tapestry.
  • Use an antique painting hung up on the wall. This can involve still life paintings, such as flowers, roses and the like. These can come inexpensive from yard sales, antique stores and even the flea market. Or, you can paint one yourself.
  • The seating area should be anchored with a big area rug in floral prints.


  • In the romantic country style, the kitchen is brightened with lace curtains, bouquets of flowers and mixed-and-matched pieces of china and cutlery.
  • You can use a collection of inexpensive milk glass, cut glass or transferware on a sideboard or hutch.
  • Hang lace café curtains on the windows. Add a valence on top in a floral print or stamped pattern for effect.
  • You can use bouquets of fresh flowers. These can be placed on inexpensive vases, milk jugs or even small pails.
  • You can use mixed-and-matched china in various floral prints for a romantic-looking tablescape.


  • In the romantic country style, the bedroom also takes a mixed-and-matched look.
  • Paint the walls using a muted, soft color. Pale yellow, sage green and mauve are ideal color schemes for this purpose.
  • Layer your bed with quilts, matelesse coverlets, and bedspreads in floral prints. You can also add throw pillows covered in velvet, chintz or Battenberg lace for a richer and more romantic appeal.
  • For romantic lighting, use candles on the bedside tables. Have these in bold colors. You can even go for scented candles in floral scents.
  • You can also drape a round bedside table with Battenberg lace that’s layered over a tablecloth made of chintz floral pattern. For a romantic country look, place an inexpensive glass topper on the table.
  • Use a white on white theme, as it will be romantic for a bedroom. This is also a decorative style that’s easy to coordinate.
  • Be sure to keep candles away from the curtains, bedspreads, and anything flammable.

A romantic country style home will have a quaint, rustic appearance that evokes feelings of the old world. Setting up your home this way will make it a romantic getaway everyday.


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