How To Decorate Your Dining Room in a Hawaiian Theme

The first step in decorating is deciding what theme to follow.  By setting a theme, you can pick out colors and decors with ease and pull off the look within the shortest period of time possible.  While beautifying your home requires paying a lot of attention to every tiny detail to achieve the right look, it need not be stressful.  Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty grinds of interior decorating, look at it as a great outlet to show your creative side and incredible sense of style.
Is your dining room looking kind of simple and boring lately?  Do you like to spruce it up with bright and vivid colors?  If so then a Hawaiian theme is definitely a good way to go. The name of the Big Island itself is synonymous with warmth, vibrancy and exoticness—three things that every dining room should be.  

Here are a couple of ways to teach you how.

  • Choose colors.  In interior decoration, having the right colors plays a significant role to help you achieve a desired theme or look.  If you are hesitant with what specific colors to choose, you can try applying a method, which most interior decorators swear by, called the Pick-See-LMD approach. LMD means “light, medium, dark.”
    • First is picking a pattern to follow which, in your case, means Hawaiian.  Look around your house.  Do you have any Hawaiian or tropical-inspired furniture such as a table made of teak or bamboo?  If so, then use its color as your basis for the scheme.  If not, then you can consider getting colors like ivory, yellow, beige, green, red and gold.  These colors are reminiscent of the Island and will be perfect for your dining room.
    • Second step is seeing three shades in light, medium and dark tones that complement your primary color.  For this, you can refer to a color wheel to help you out.
    • Third step is applying these light, medium and dark shades throughout the whole decorating process.  Designate the light color for your walls or background, medium for the big furniture and windows and dark for the accents or accessories.  Once you decide on what colors to choose, you may now proceed to the fun part of decorating.     
  • Style walls.  Styling your walls is the most effective way to complete a Hawaiian look.  As mentioned above, paint your walls with the light shade of your primary color. Once done, you may adorn it with art pieces to further emphasize your theme like Polynesian-inspired picture frames or petro glyph art works.
  • Lighting and light fixtures.  Having the right lighting will help create the over-all tropical mood.  Choose from a wide variety of lamps, wall sconces and even chandeliers made from tiki, palm, bamboo or sea shells to cast warm and soft hues all throughout the room.
  • Furniture.  Having the right furniture also helps.  For this, you can use dining tables and chairs made from materials as mentioned above.  You can also make use of bamboo blinds or curtains with hibiscus and other floral prints
  • Accents.  Lastly, accentuate your dining room by using dinnerware and centerpieces that evoke the Big Island to complete the look.

And there you have it, a Hawaiian-enthused dining room to hold special events in.  Just remember that, as with everything else in life, moderation is key so do not over-decorate.  There is a fine line between classy and tacky so make sure to stay on the chic side by keeping your decors low-key and subtle.  Don’t worry, with the right paint and the right furniture your tropical theme will be complete and will have everyone saying “Aloha!” in no time.


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