How To Decorate Your Dining Room Wall

Are you living with dining room walls that are either too boring or too simple for words?  Fortunately, with a touch of creativity and a few decorative wall pieces, you do not have to anymore.  Although giving your walls a special makeover requires paying a lot of attention to every tiny detail to achieve the right look, it need not be a chore.  Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty grinds of wall decorating, try looking at them as big, blank canvases just begging to be adorned.

Here tips on decorating your dining room wall.

  • Choosing colors.   In wall decoration, having the right color for your walls is important in order to make them complement with the overall look of your dining room.  You have the option to either paint them or cover them with wallpaper.  If you want to paint them but you are quite hesitant with what specific colors to choose, you can try applying a method, which most interior decorators swear by, called the Pick-See-LMD approach.

    First is picking a pattern to follow.  Look around your dining room.  Do you have a beautiful reddish-brown wooden floor?  If so, then use its color as your basis for the scheme.  The idea is to select a pattern from an object that you already have and take things from there.  If you feel like you do not have a pattern that strongly stands out, then you can consider getting colors like ivory, brown, beige, red, orange and gold.

    There are many factors to consider in selecting the right color like the size of the room and the look you are going for.  These factors are crucial because your choice of color will either help you achieve that specific look or not.  An overwhelming bold color, for example, might make an already-small dining room look even smaller and cramped while a soft color might not be enough to make a big one look cozier.

    Second step is seeing three shades in light, medium and dark tones that complement your preferred choice of primary color.  For this, you can refer to a color wheel to help you out and designate the light shade for your walls as they are your background. Apply the same concept if you choose to cover them with wallpapers instead.

  • Style your walls.  Styling your walls with decorative wall pieces is a great way to accentuate the new color or wallpaper that you just picked out.  Consider installing wall sconces that cast off warm and soft hues to give your dining room an overall glow.  You can also hang a mirror to create a more spacious illusion.   If you have windows, decorate it with blinds or curtains.   Hang art pieces that will blend well with the other things in your dining room such as your centerpiece and dinnerware.    

And there you have it, a dining room with new-and-improved walls perfect to entertain your family and friends in!  Just remember to keep things classy and subtle by limiting the pieces that you want to use no matter how beautiful they look.  As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you.  Coincidentally, it goes the same for walls too.


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