How To Decorate Your Kitchen and Dining Room Tuscan Style

The Tuscany region is one of Italy’s pride and joy and rightfully so, after all it is it where Leonardo da Vinci and all the other great minds, whose contributions have made a huge impact on art and culture, are born.  Its name alone exudes an air of grandeur and sophistication—something most people want their houses to have. It is for this reason why Tuscan-inspired rooms and kitchens are frequently being featured on the covers of home improvement magazines—to encourage others to pay homage to the dramatic flair of Italian living.   

Do you want to give your dining room and kitchen an “Italian” makeover?  If so, then read on to find out how.

  • Choosing colors.  Choosing the right colors is required to successfully complete the Tuscan look.  The Pick-See-LMD approach is a good method to follow. Simply pick a pattern to follow among the items from your dining room and kitchen.  An item such as a rustic dining table is a good basis for a Tuscan scheme.  You can also consider getting earthy colors like red, sienna and ochre.  These colors are reminiscent of the beautiful landscapes in Tuscany and will be perfect for your kitchen and dining room.

    Next step is picking out three shades in light, medium and dark tones that will set off your primary color nicely.  Referring to a color wheel will provide extra help.  Once done, apply these light, medium and dark shades by selecting the light color for your walls, the medium color for the big furniture and windows and the darkest tone for the accents or accessories.  

  • Walls and flooring.  Change your kitchen and dining room walls and floors to effectively pull off a Tuscan look.  You can paint your walls with the light shade that you have chosen or for more authenticity, you can give it a Tuscan faux-finish by applying a premixed mud on your walls and make random swirls to give them texture.  Decorate it with wall pieces like Mediterranean-inspired art works and woven tapestries to highlight your theme.  You can also consider covering it with wallpaper that has a stucco-lustro or marmorino effect to achieve the same desired effect.

    For the floors, opt for terracotta tiles or bricks or, for affordability, their versions in vinyl flooring.  You can also add beams to your ceiling for a more traditional look.

  • Lighting and light fixtures.  The over-all rustic and homey mood will be best achieved by picking the right lighting.  Lamps, wall sconces and even chandeliers that are made from wrought-iron will help you bring an antique vibe into your kitchen and dining room.
  • Furniture.  Use dining tables, chairs and kitchen cupboards and countertops made from wood like chestnut and oak.  
  • Accents.  Use dinnerware, centerpieces and kitchen ornaments that are made from ceramic, metal or to evoke the warmth of the Old World. 

And there you have it, a Tuscan-inspired kitchen and dining room to entertain family and friends in!  Remember, an Italian style is anything but tacky so keep things classy. With proper colors and accents, your kitchen and dining room will be as marvelous and charming like those in Tuscany. 


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