How To Decorate Your Living Room in English Country Style

English Country style is casual yet eccentric.  It is perfect for those who are artsy and have unique personalities who prefer receiving guests in a living room that does not have to deal with the daunting task of having to mix and match furniture to a T plus the suffocating sophistication of heavy draperies.
Do you want to evoke a playful and quirky vibe for your living room?  If so, then read on to find out how.

  • Right color scheme.  The right color scheme is important to help transform your living room. Most interior decorators go by what they call as the Pick-See-LMD method.  This approach simply requires you to pick a pattern with traces of English Country style like a big, overstuffed couch with floral prints.  You can also pick deep hues predominant in most English manor houses like green, blue and red.

    After picking a primary color to use, choose three shades in light, medium and dark tones that will set it off.  A color wheel can help you visualize it more.  Once done, apply these light, medium and dark colors accordingly: the light color for the walls, medium for the furniture and windows and dark for the accents or trimmings.  

  • Walls and windows.  Start by painting your walls in the necessary color to pull off an English Country look.  Or, for a truly inspired room, you can cover them with wallpaper instead.  Choose patterns that have dark and floral prints to add more texture to your walls.  Hang floor-length velvet curtains to add more pizzazz to the room.
  • Lighting and light fixtures.  An English Country style is synonymous with warmth and comfort.  Set the same tone by making use of the right lighting.  Lamps, wall sconces and even low-hanging chandeliers that are made from china, metal or brass help achieve a more traditional look.
  • Furniture.  English Country-inspired furniture is oversized, inviting and extremely comfortable.  For this, find sofas or easy chairs with throw pillows.  Cover them with hard-wearing fabric like velvet or leather to create a “lived-in” impression.  You can also put key pieces such as a Chesterfield couch and tables from among the Chippendale, Sheraton and Queen Anne collections.  Do not get too wrapped up with what matches and what does not because that is not what English Country is all about.
  • Accents.  Draw more attention to your living room by putting together collectible items purchased from flea markets and antique shops like china ornaments, old coins and candlesticks.  You can also show off your book collection by haphazardly arranging those that you want to display.  Do not worry too much about how messy things might look.  The idea behind this particular style is that it does not limit you from choosing things to display as long as you clutter them in a pleasant way.  You can even put a fireplace if you want!

And there you have it, an English Country-inspired living room to relax in. Remember that stylish does not always have to be stiff and simple so have fun decorating with every trinket and treasure you can find and let your imagination run wild.


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