How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom in English Country Style

English Country style is wonderfully unconventional.  It is perfect for people who do not conform to what’s in and have adapted fondness for things that may come off as strange and peculiar to some.

Do you wish to relax and sleep languidly in a room that shows off your personality and gives you the freedom to decorate it as you please without having to worry about fancy curtains and matching furniture?  If so, then read on to find out how.

  • Choose the right colors.  Choosing the right colors is sometimes difficult to do. To help you decide what specific colors to select, try applying the Pick-See-LMD method. The Pick-See-LMD approach consists of three steps: Picking a pattern to follow, seeing three colors and incorporating these colors in the whole decorating process.

    In picking a pattern, choose an object that you consider as the most important element in your bedroom such as a big canopy bed, for example.  You can also get deep hues like blue and red.  These colors are prevalent in most English manor houses and will be suitable for your master bedroom.  Seeing three colors literally means seeing three shades that represent the light to dark tones of your primary color.  Make use of a color wheel to further help you out.  Make use of these light, medium and dark tones as basis for your walls, furniture and windows and accessories respectively.

  • Walls and windows.  In accordance to the Pick-See-LMD approach, you can opt to paint your walls in a light color as suggested but for a more authentic look, you can cover them with wallpapers that have dark floral prints instead.  Or, for a more subdued mood, you can also use wallpapers that have stencil prints on them.  Once done, you may hang wall pieces to further emphasize your theme like your framed favorite photographs with your dear family and friends.  Floor-length curtains will also help improve the over-all English County style.
  • Lighting and light fixtures.  Increase the English Country vibe by installing the right lighting.  Lamps and low-hanging chandeliers made from china or metal that have brass finishes will help establish a more conventional look.
  • Furniture.  Find a bed that is big and striking.  Cover it with quilt or chenille.  Add pillows in different shapes and sizes and playfully arrange them on the bed.  Recreate a “lived-in” impression by adding an overstuffed easy chair in velvet or leather covering.    For a vanity mirror, choose one made with a wooden frame.  You can also put key pieces such as end tables and high dressers from among the Chippendale, Sheraton and Queen Anne collections.  The good thing about an English Country style is that it does not require furniture to match so feel free to use whatever you like.
  • Accents.  Emphasize the English Country style more by displaying items you have collected over the years.  They can vary from interesting trinkets purchased from flea markets or one-of-a-kind ornaments found in antique shops.  Use your bedroom as a platform to showcase all the things that you love and to show your true personality. 

And there you have it, an English Country-inspired bedroom to relax in after a long day at work. Remember that stylish does not always have to be stiff and simple so have fun decorating and show off your creativity and amazing sense of style.


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