How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom in High-Tech Style

A high-tech-styled bedroom is modern and contemporary.  It is most known for its understated sophistication and is perfect for people who have active lifestyles who do not want to deal with fussy draperies and stuffy furniture.

Are you tired from looking at your sickeningly-sweet floral curtains and bed covers?  Is your room looking kind of cramped with all the wooden dressers and end tables?  If so, then a minimalist approach is good way to go.  Read on and find out how.

  • Choose colors.  The Pick-See-LMD approach is a good method to start with. First pick a pattern to follow.  Think “high-tech” and what comes to your mind? Electronics, right?  So why don’t you use the sleek lines of your flat-screen TV as the basis for your scheme.  Hype it some more by getting plain and non-offensive colors such as white or gray.  These colors suggest of modern and no-fuss urban architecture and will work well for your master bedroom.

    Next is to see three shades in light, medium and dark tones that will go together with your primary color.  Third step assigning the colors in the following order:  the light color for your walls, medium for the big furniture and windows and the dark shade for the key pieces.  

  • Walls, windows and floor.  Paint the walls in a nondescript color.  Once done, add pieces like black-and-white photographs of special family and friends in black frames.  Forego your curtains and install blinds to replace them instead.  For the floor, make sure of carpets in a bold color.    
  • Lighting and light fixtures.  Create the clean and appealing look all over the room by choosing lamps and even low-hanging chandeliers with fluorescent light bulbs with chrome or glass stands.
  • Furniture.  Find a bed that is low-key and simple with a plain headboard painted in a solid color like black.  For beddings, make use of bed sheets and pillowcases in a simple pattern or for a splash color, consider getting something shocking like fire-engine red.  For end tables and dressers, choose ones that are simple and laminated in white or black acrylic.  You can also add a couch as long as it looks understated too—meaning, no lacey throw pillows and embellished coverlets.   Add pieces that you will actually use.  The idea behind high-tech-inspired rooms is to make use of furniture as little as possible to minimize clutter and to achieve an almost-bare look.
  • Gadgets and other accents.  A master bedroom decorated in high-tech style will not be high-tech without electronic gadgets around. For this make use of modern and glamorously polished gadgets like a flat screen television, a top-of-the-line laptop and a game console.  To show off your intellectual side, put a Parsons-styled bookshelf to hold your books.

Congratulations! You now have a high-tech master bedroom to serve as your safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  Remember that a high-tech bedroom needs to look immaculate all the time so make some time to maintain it spotless and spic-and-span.  Happy lounging!


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