How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom in Mexican Country Style

A Mexican Country-inspired master bedroom is a perfect haven for people who are romantics at heart.  This particular style brings ruggedness and passion together to exude an air of sentimentality and sensuality through the use of earth tones and wood.

Are you feeling amorous lately?  If so, then give your bedroom a Mexican Country style makeover to suit your mood.  Read on to find out how.

  • Choose colors.  Sometimes, choosing the right colors is not an easy thing to do.  With a thousand colors to choose from, it is understandable to feel a little confused.  To help you decide better, try implementing the Pick-See-LMD approach. Start by picking a pattern to follow like the intricate carvings on your wooden bed.  Complement it by getting earthy colors like red, sienna and ochre as these colors will instantly bring the Mexican villas to mind.

    Next is to select shades in light, medium and dark.  Use the said shades in the following manner: the light color for your walls, medium for the big furniture and windows and dark for the accents.      

  • Style your walls and floors.  Paint your walls accordingly.  Once done, mount Spanish-inspired art works or wrought-iron vanity mirrors.  Use curtain rods of the same make and drape it in rich fabrics like chintz or satin.  For more convenience, you can also use wallpapers or even fabrics to cover the walls.  Make use of a woven carpet that is soft and silky.  Remember that Mexican Country style is sexy and seductive so it is important to make use of fabrics that delight the senses as well. 
  • Lighting and light fixtures.  The Mexican Country style is sensual and warm.  Set the mood by choosing lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers with stands made from wrought-iron or rich wood.
  • Furniture.  You can use a four-post bed made from canopy, maple or oak.  Cover the bed and pillows with silky fabrics.  Pick drawers and dressers made from wood that have elegant carvings as well.  For authenticity, you can also make use of a chest or a trunk to resemble rustic armoires to keep your clothes in.
  • Accents.  Use beddings and carpets that are in warm colors and display photos in wooden frames to evoke the warmth of a Spanish hacienda.  You can also use funky and beaded tablecloths to cover your end tables.  Tea-light candles and essential oils will help set a romantic vibe too.  Just be vigilant every time you light them to avoid the risk of fire and other related accidents.

And there you have it, a Mexican Country-styled master bedroom to lounge around in.  Remember that first and foremost, your bedroom is your sanctuary so it is still important to add your own personal touches along the way.  Display your favorite things in handmade pots to keep up with the theme.  Just keep things to a minimum as you don’t want to make your room look overcrowded.  Add these fine pieces with the right colors and the right furniture and you will have your dream bedroom finally come true. 


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