How To Decorate Your Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

Marble and granite are a staple of kitchen countertops. One other alternative popular among homeowners is soapstone. Soapstone has also been used as a popular medium in carving, and some of the world’s most popular art works are actually made of a layer of soapstone (particularly the large Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero).

Having a soapstone countertop is just the beginning. You would want to decorate your soapstone kitchen countertop to make sure you have an attractive and organized kitchen.

Clear off the clutter. The first thing you need to do is hide away all your kitchen appliances that are not in use on a regular basis. These will include your espresso machine, countertop grill, slow cooker, rice cooker, mixer, and all other machines that you only use sparingly. You can keep these in your overhead cabinets or the cabinets under the counter, space permitting.

Use candles. Adding candles will give you a warm and calming atmosphere in almost all cases. You can use scented candles, with colors that reflect the season—yuletide colors for Christmas, earth colors for autumn, green for spring, and bright colors for summer. You can add pebbles, beans, sand or other accents, if you are placing candles on a plate.

Decorate your soap dish. Add some pebbles to your soap dish. If you keep your bar soap directly beside the sink, you can also use other materials like glass stones. Liquid detergent can be stored in transparent glass bottles. These will reflect and let through light in interesting patterns.  Your liquid soap should be placed in a pump-action container, for easy access.

Add flowers. A small basket or bouquet of flowers will brighten up any kitchen. You can also place a vase of cut flowers in a corner. If you are fond of using home-grown ingredients in your cooking, you can add a few pots of spices so you can just pick and cook. Spices are best placed against the window, for easy access and so they can soak up on sunlight.

Decorate a serving tray. If you are a coffee or tea lover, prepare a tray with coffee or tea cups, napkins, teaspoons, and a teapot (or coffee pot) and leave this as an accent piece. If you like wines, you can display a couple of bottles of your favorite wines. You can also install a soapstone chiller for your wines.

Add fruits. Seasonal fruits will also make a nice accent. You can use apples, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits. These will not spoil easily, and you can just grab a fruit to bite when you feel hungry. Set these on a basket or bowl. Try to arrange the fruits such that they will not roll off easily.

Decorating your soapstone kitchen countertop will involve de-cluttering, organization, and adding a few accent pieces to make the kitchen countertop look good. Be sure to add items of interest, which can help accentuate your kitchen, and bring out the beauty of soapstone.


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