How To Decoupage a Decorative Wall Switchplate

Decoupage is an art technique that makes wonderful pieces out of paper-covered items polished with lacquer.  It is the perfect way to decorate wall switch plates to keep them from looking plain and simple.

Do you want to transform your dull light switches into interesting works of art?  If so, then read on to learn how.

  • Prepare the materials.  The materials that you will need to decoupage your wall switch plate are the following: light switch plate that has straight edges, decorative papers or magazine cut-outs, paint brush, small roller, a cutter, parchment paper, a pair of scissors, a sharp pencil and varnish or lacquer.
  • Prepare the paper.  To decoupage your switch plate, start by choosing a decorative paper to be used as a cover.  You can use anything you want—from a colorful construction paper down to a page of your favorite magazine.  Trace your switch plate over it and allow about an inch of allowances on all sides.   Cut it accordingly and place it over your parchment paper.  Brush over with varnish and leave to dry.  
  • Prepare the switch plate.  Get your switch plate and place it on another sheet of parchment paper.  Brush it over with varnish and leave to dry as well.
  • Cover switch plate.  Once dry, cover the switch plate with the paper by cutting diagonally on the corners to be able to fold them at the back.  Make sure to press firmly to stick it together.  Smooth out edges with a small roller to get rid of bubbles.
  • Cut opening.  Once pressed together, get your cutter and cut the area where the switch goes by making an “X” mark to form two tiny triangles. Fold each triangle at the back and press firmly as well.  Brush more varnish, if necessary, to make it adhere.
  • Add more coat.  Once done, make the switch plate appear thicker by adding another layer of varnish.  Allow to dry for 30-40 minutes and apply some more after.  Repeat this procedure until you have added 3-5 more layers to your plate.  Keep in mind to give some time in between coating for it to completely dry.  Coat it with a final layer and allow drying for one whole day.  It is best to smooth out edges every after coating to make sure it is bubble-free.  You can also brush varnish over beads or rhinestones that are strategically lined around the sides for a more embellished look.
  • Mount on walls.  Once done, mount the switch plate on the wall by putting it back in its place, making sure that the toggle switch fits perfectly.  Poke its holes open with the use of a sharp pencil and install its screws back on.

And there you have it, a decoupage switch plate for your wall!  Remember that you can also decoupage all the other switch plates in your house using different kinds of paper.  Decorate each according to the theme of the specific room where it is mounted for a more cohesive look.  Show off your creativity and impeccable sense of style with this project and kiss your boring switch plates goodbye!  


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