How To Define a Feng Shui Bagua Map

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of controlling the flow of energy (or chi), within your home. According to its principles, you can dramatically change certain aspects of your life (health, wealth, marriage, love, family) by manipulating the areas and objects in your home that correspond to the different areas of the Bagua map.

You can bring more harmony to your life if you study the Bagua map. This is an octagonal map that lists 9 different energies on a map. When overlaid on the floor plan of your home, you can instantly see what areas of your home directly affect the different energies or qualities in your life (health, wealth, etc.)You want harmony in each area to bring the best possible luck to your life.  By changing the elements of the room that falls within a certain area of the map, you can literally change your life. Outlined below is a basic guide to help you define a Feng Shui map.

Step 1

Understand the map. There are 9 sections to the Bagua map, each relating to a different energy. Picture a tic-tac-toe board, with 3 rows and 3 columns. That's how the Bagua map is laid out. In order from bottom to top and left to right, the energies are as follows: knowledge and self-improvement, career and life path, benefactors and travel, family and friends, health, children and creativity, wealth and abundance, fame and reputation, and marriage and romance.  (You can find a diagram of the Bagua map here: ).

Step 2

Relate the Bagua map to your own home. The next step in defining a Bagua map is to overlay the Bagua map on the floor plan of your own home. (Or just picture it in your mind if you can't find a floor plan.) You first need to draw a square around your home. Don't worry about blank areas within the square that aren't part of your floor plan. We'll discuss that later. Just start with a floor plan of your home that sits within a square. Next, find the front of your home and match this to the bottom of the Bagua map. One of the three energies that falls at the bottom of the Bagua map (knowledge/career/travel) should meet up with your front door. Then just lay the Bagua map over your floor plan so that the grid slices your home into 9 areas. By relating your home to the areas in a Bagua map, you can see what areas of your home correspond to the different energies on the Bagua map.

Step 3

Use the Bagua map in each room too. Not only can you over the Bagua map over your entire home floor plan, but you can also overlay the 9 areas onto each room within your home. So just as the back left corner of your home will correspond to your wealth, the back left corner of your bedroom will also correspond to your wealth.

Step 4

Define the Bagua map in all areas of your property. You can overlay the Bagua map infinite times within your home. You can use it outside of your home at the base of your property, using your driveway as the entrance. Likewise, you can use it for small pieces within your home, overlaying a Bagua map onto furniture like desks and cabinets. Everything in or around your home can be defined using a Bagua map.

Step 5

Recognize that parts of your square may be empty. When you drew the square around your home (or your property), you may have had some areas of the Bagua map that couldn't be defined. That is, no part of your physical house fell within that area. That is something that you need to consider changing, since you are missing energies in your life according to the Bagua. If your square has nothing in the back left corner, then you're probably having trouble with wealth. Construct something in that corner and you should notice a change in that energy in your life. Missing parts of the Bagua are not good, and you should take steps to replace them. Ideally, you want to be able to define each area of your home or property within the Bagua map.


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