How To Design a Bedroom with Dark Blue Walls

Sometimes when you are decorating you do not have the luxury of making over the room from top to bottom, and when you are given a room to decorate with a restriction, you can look at it as a challenge or as an opportunity.  When the challenge or opportunity is dark blue walls, your instincts tell you that the room is going to feel like a dark cave.  However, by knowing how to do a few decorating tricks, you can take that dark cave of a bedroom and transform it into an inviting and cozy space.

Step 1

Simple Colors
By keeping your color palette very tight, you can make any dark colored room come alive.  To go with the navy blue walls pick a light color for contrast like dove gray, butter yellow or even white.  If you do not have any idea of what colors to choose, simply choose the lightest tone in the color family, such as a pale blue, green or violet.  Since blue is a cool color, other cool colors, like metal gray, silver and pewter, are complementary choices. By adding shiny surfaces you add brightness to the room; so shiny metal surfaces, glass and crystal will also work.  Limit your color selection to three to five colors, or simply use many tones of a single color, and your room will feel balanced. 

Step 2

Lights – The More the Merrier

Dark walls will darken a room, so good lighting is essential.  Deep colors absorb the light rather than reflect it, so you will not have a lot of light bouncing around the room.  Of course you want to make the most of natural lighting, and then you want to add recessed lighting in the ceiling for a nice even light throughout the room.  By using soft white or pink tinged light bulbs, you can make the light in the room feel warmer.  If you like to read in bed, make sure that you have a good lamp on your bedside table or even hung as a sconce on the wall.  If you have any artwork in the room, you can spot light it using small directional lights.

Of course you can cover the windows with light blocking shades for sleeping late into the morning, but make sure that you can completely expose your window to add all of the light that the outdoors has to offer.  By placing a mirror on the wall opposite of your window, you can help reflect light back into the room. 

One of the really great things about having a bedroom with navy blue walls is that candlelight is particularly romantic.  Since the walls do not reflect any light, the candlelight casts a soft glow that just fades into black - very subtle, very romantic.

By using light accents, good lighting and shiny surfaces and accessories to brighten you bedroom, it can feel like a snugly sanctuary offering respite from your hectic world.

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