How To Design a Courtyard

A courtyard is a private outdoor area that is enclosed by buildings or walls. If you have a courtyard at home, then it's a perfect place where you could have an intimate breakfast or lunch with your family, or where you could have a peaceful retreat by yourself. There are many design possibilities for a courtyard, depending on your personal tastes and your purposes. So if you want to find some tips to design a courtyard, read on:

  1. Make it a place of retreat. Make your courtyard a special nook where you could comfortably retreat from the pressures of everyday life. Put in a comfortable armchair or rocking chair at a shady spot in your courtyard. You could also place a table there so you would have the option of having lunch outdoors with your family.
  2. Surround yourself with greenery. A courtyard is a conducive area for growing ornamental plants, shrubs, and little trees. Place low-maintenance potted plants in your courtyard. Some examples of plants that are easy to care for include drought-tolerant plants such as thyme, rosemary, sage and hibiscus. You could also opt for permanent foliage plants, such as figs, rosettes and evergreen grass. You could also consider putting hanging baskets with plants or climbing vines onto the walls that surround your courtyard. It's a good idea also to put plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. This is so you could still enjoy lounging at your courtyard even if it's nighttime already (the time that most mosquitoes start biting their victims). Some examples of natural mosquito repellent plants include citronella grass, rosemary, catnip and marigolds. Another option is for you to place aromatic plants to help you enjoy a naturally fresh smelling courtyard. Some examples of these plants include citrus plants, jasmine, and purgrass blossoms.
  3. Pave your courtyard. Make your courtyard look neater and more polished by having it paved with smooth stones and pavement. To further add style, you could plant creeping herbs and perennials in paving pockets. This will give the look of refreshing greenery on the gray paved concrete.
  4. Consider the overall design of your home. Make sure that your courtyard won't depart from your home design. Take into consideration design aspects of your home and integrate it to your courtyard design, so that there will be harmony and continuity between these spaces. If you have an Asian style home, for example, you could integrate this design through a minimalist courtyard design, bonsai plants, and Japanese shoji screens.
  5. Install lighting and a fountain. Have a professional install lighting around your courtyard, so that you could still stay there even when it's dark. You should also consider installing a small fountain in your courtyard area, since the sound of flowing water is always effective at soothing even the most frazzled nerves.

There you have it! These are just some ways to design your courtyard. Take full advantage of this spot for relaxation and intimate bonding moments with your loved ones. Good luck!


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