How To Design a Half-Circle Garden

It may be unusual to have a half-circle garden. But that uniqueness makes this garden stunningly beautiful. The only challenge is how to design a half-circle garden. With its uncommon shape, it will need an uncommon designing to make your garden stand out.

Don't worry, though, because there are some ways to beautifully design your half-circle garden. Here are some of these tips:

  • Sunlight. Assess how much sunlight the half-circle garden is receiving. This is very critical in choosing the plants you will include in your garden and how you will arrange these plants according to their sunlight needs. The best half-circle garden is that with some parts with full sunshine and some parts with partial sunshine. You'll have more choices with this garden.
  • Study the basic. It's not enough that you have a taste for a beautiful garden. You should know the basics of garden and landscape designing as well. Most importantly, study symmetry of the half-circle garden. This will teach you how to balance the plant's height so they will look beautifully arranged.
  • Design unity. This can be achieved by choosing at most three colors for your garden. That means you should only use three chosen colors for the plants and other things you will use to decorate the garden like stones, bricks, or statues. It's a great idea to repeat these colors in other parts of your yard to have a design unity for your exterior.
  • Tallest to shortest. A good way to balance out your plants in the garden is to place the tallest plants at the back of the semi-circle. Continue adding more plants from there starting from the shorter to the shortest. This way, all your plants will get equal attention. Don't forget to consider the color unity while arranging the plants. Also, consider the maximum height of the plants when arranging them. Make sure the low-growing plants are placed in front.
  • Bricks and stones. Consider getting bricks and stones that will blend well with your house's exterior color. This will be great to maintain harmony and design balance of your house.

Designing the half-circle garden is the most enjoyable. But remember that you need to prepare the soil, the materials to be used, and the plants before decorating. Here are some preparation tips for your garden:

  • Enrich the soil. Half-circle or not, all gardens always need soil enrichment before finally planting the plants. Break up the soil, add compost, and add fertilizer.
  • Irrigation system. The plants surely need water, but not too much. Make sure your irrigation system will not allow any water storing for so long or your plants will suffer.

It is better that you put your garden plan on paper so you'll know what your garden needs before designing it. Plan the garden design, too. It will be a great help to have a perspective of how your garden will look like after the designing.

You can hire a professional landscape artist or gardener to make the job easier for you. Whether you get a professional or not, it is important that you are always involved in the process. Only you can dictate if your own half-circle garden is already beautiful or if it needs more design improvement.


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