How To Design a Shower Stall

The bathroom is one of the important sections of any house. Through the bathroom, guests can have a lasting impression of you and your family. If you’ll renovate your bathroom or shower area, then find a beautiful and practical design. The design of your shower stall depends on your preference. Below are steps and guides on how to design a shower stall.

Identify your budget. Before determining your preferred shower type, you must identify the amount of money that you can shell out on a shower stall and related renovations. Check your bathroom to determine the space available for your shower stall because the size of your bathroom matters in determining the budget that you need.

Once you’ve calculated the square footage of the tiles in your bathroom, you can identify how many tiles you need for your bathroom’s ceiling, floor, and walls. Decide if you want an entire motif or if you want a separate design for each division of your bathroom. To ensure that you have sufficient tile for your bathroom, add 10 to 15 percent in your total calculation. Don’t forget that if the tile you’re using for your bathroom floor is different from your bathroom ceiling, then don’t include those calculations in the total square footage.  

Decide on your shower stall type. Decide if you want a luxurious steam shower or an industrial shower. Determine if you want a prefabricated shower stall or a tiled shower stall. If you’ll decide on a prefabricated shower stall, then choose between acrylic, fiberglass and stone.  

Understand that shower stalls come in various shapes like round, corner, rectangular, square, and neo angle. Prefer doorless showers if it triggers your fancy. Remember that your decision can be a lifetime mistake so check the pros and cons of your decision before buying.

If there are handicapped persons in your residence, then custom made your shower stall. To identify your choices, visit your local hardware stores and inquire. Get their product list with corresponding pictures. Compile the different shower stall types from various stores and compare their offers.

Illustrate or sketch your shower design on paper.
Decide if you want shelving. The shelving can be dug in your shower framework before tiling it. You can also have it pre-built. If you want a bench in your bathroom, then purchase a corner shelf type that has an opening at the bottom. The bench can also be created on your shower framework.

Select your desired shower fittings. Decide if you want two showerheads and side sprays. Plumbing fixtures have various styles and finishes. Wait for your bathroom to be finished before you decide between a shower curtain and a glass door. Don’t forget to ask your family members for their suggestions and comments.  

Hire a professional home repair person. If you have doubts in your repair skills, then hire an expert. Check the credentials of the repairperson to ensure that you will get your desired results. Ensure that you don’t miss details in your negotiation especially if you’re away from home while he’s working.

Even if you’ll design your own shower stall, ask a professional to check your design because you don’t want to waste money and time.


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