How To Design a Tropical Bedroom

Almost everyone now works and lives in a fast lane where everything seems to be in a fast-paced mode. We always have our quick meals, always in a hurry, always beating deadlines, preparing for meetings, doing reports under pressure, all piling up and contributing to our stress. Most actually wish to just escape the corporate and modern world and lock themselves up in a paradise. Sometimes we just want to stay somewhere far from the city, somewhere silent, serene and relaxing. Now you can relax in a paradise and escape the world outside without leaving your home. Do this by making your room a tropical bedroom. Here are steps on how to design your own tropical bedroom.

  1. Fix a color palate. The first work for you is to determine the color palate you will use to your room. In choosing a color, put in mind that what you are creating is a tropical bedroom. In other words, the theme is tropical and the color should be close to that end. It would be safe if you will choose neutral colors, to be supported by warm and inviting colors. A little creativity and an effortless stretch of imagination will help determine just the right colors for a tropical bedroom. At best, use earth colors like green and sand brown.
  2. Settle for a theme. The next step is for you to choose the theme you want. Remember that in this step, the theme you will choose is one that is more specific. You can choose from the usual tropical sightings like beach, shells and trees. A little more stretch of imagination and you can create your own unique theme without being off tangent to the main theme, which is tropical.
  3. Materialize the plans. Once you have finalized the colors and the specific theme of the room, you can now start materializing these plans. Gather the paints and brushes you need and start painting your bedroom. Remember to keep the colors neutral so you will not have problem matching them with curtains, beddings and other accessories.
  4. Match the color and theme with the right furniture. Now that you have already painted your room with the colors and themes you have chosen, it is now time to match it with tropical themed furniture. Purchase furniture with colors matching your paint. At best, choose colors in the same manner you have chosen the wall colors. Through this, you will not suffer the possibility of a color mismatch. Now if you already have your furniture, as when you are considering using the same furniture you already have before converting your room, then refurnish it to match with your wall color.
  5. Use accessories under the same theme as the walls. When accessorizing the room, put in mind the theme you have chose. For instance, if you have chosen a beach theme, be sure to choose accessories in line with that theme.
  6. Set up the curtains. Do the same considerations to your curtain. Select the one in line with the theme you have chosen.

There is a way relax without actually leaving your comfort zone. You escape the fast-pacing corporate world without having to travel. Just a little stretch of creativity and imagination and you will surely have your own paradise all inside your room.


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