How To Design an Accent Wall

Once in awhile, most people will find that rooms can get boring and old in terms of design, style, and theme. In these cases, most people will make a project out of it and try to renovate the whole room to bring out a theme that significantly differs from the current one. While most people go out and spend tons of money on various materials and furniture, other people think it through wisely. The reality is that you can jazz up a room by simply adding more beauty to a wall. There is no need to splurge on stuff only to replace it later. By accentuating the walls of a room, you can alter the theme, style, and beauty without having to purchase a lot of stuff. Before anything else though, you will need to use your innate creativity and imagination to design an accent wall.

  1. Paint it. One of the easiest and most enjoyable activities when changing how a room looks is by painting the walls. While most people will think of merely painting the wall with a different color to replace the current color theme, other people use more imagination by adding various colors, shapes, and designs on top of the base coat of paint. This is the way you should go if painting your wall is your preference. Paint your wall with a base coat using a neutral color. On top of this, you can opt to use various accents like circles, dots, stripes, geometric shapes, and flowers. For each accent print, make sure to use different colors based on the overall color theme. Some people opt to paint a scenic backdrop to add more life to a room. A luscious garden of flowers, a beachfront with a glorious sunset, or a forest with various wildlife are some examples of various backdrops you can paint on your wall. You may convert your wall into a fully featured mural as well by adding various reliefs to the paint like stucco, bricks, or plaster. These are some of the many paint ideas you can tinker with to design your accent walls.
  2. Use wallpaper. Another option would be to use wallpaper to spruce up your walls. Accentuate the walls by using fancy wallpaper. There are many ways to do it and many designs to choose from. You can purchase wallpaper that has dazzling prints on it already or you can purchase the base wallpaper and just add various accents and shapes on top of it.
  3. Create a collage. Another fantastic idea to create accent walls is to transform the walls into a family photo collage. Collect all the photos of your family and start sticking in a fashion to your liking. To add more pizzazz, you can stick the actual picture frames or paint them on the wall to make each picture look framed and encased.
  4. Make your wall functional. Aside from the other creative ideas that you can utilize to design your accent wall, you can opt for a functional accent wall as well. In fact, more people will turn to this to save on storage space while still giving life to a room. Accentuate your walls by adding various shelves and cabinets that store and display your precious collectibles, books, and antiques. This can jazz up the room while adding functionality.

With so many ways to accentuate your walls, it can become daunting and outright confusing. The best thing to do is to sit down and sketch what you want the room and the accent walls to look like. This way, you will be able to decide and determine what you want to do and how to do it.


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