How To Design Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or updating some furniture, your bathroom cabinets are crucial elements to the entire look and feel of your bathroom.  If you are designing your bathroom cabinets, a few things are important to keep in mind prior to doing any upgrades or transformation.

  1. Space. Before you decide on any configuration, evaluate your space. Get specific measurements for each area where you wish to place your cabinets. This will guide you in deciding on the design, style and function of your cabinet including the total look you want to achieve for your entire bathroom.
  2. Type of cabinet. Know what type of cabinet is appropriate for the size of your bathroom. Do you need wall-mounted cabinets, built-in cabinets, bathroom vanities, or corner shelving? Wall mounted cabinets add space to your occupied floor. You have the option to adjoin racks for towels in order to make it multi-functional. Built-in cabinets create space by not eating up another square foot of your area. Bathroom vanities are every bathroom’s centerpiece, so they should also exhibit style aside from functionality.
  3. Function. For what purpose are your bathroom cabinets in the bathroom? Some cabinets are for medicine storage, makeup and perfume storage, body care or personal hygiene necessities, or as a towels and linen dresser. Determining the items you intend to store is essential for planning your design. For instance, you will need a specific size for drawer partitions to fit your makeup and accessories. Storage capacity should always be considered, especially if you are sharing a bathroom with someone else, your spouse perhaps or your kids. Maximizing space and size matter more than ever if you do not have a large bathroom space.
  4. Style. Decide which style you prefer to go with for the whole look of your bathroom.  Do you want modern, antique, natural or minimalist? Should it match the color of your bathroom sinks and bathroom furniture? Your style has the ability to enhance or cramp your space through its color, texture and other visual elements.
  5. Convenience. Is your bathroom cabinet easy to install? Would you need a professional to put it in place? Once installed, does it interrupt any electrical outlets? 
  6. Materials. Know the appropriate type of materials for the function and design of your bathroom cabinets. Do you need stainless steel, wood, ceramic tile, marble, etc? One thing is sure though, you need durable or easy to replace materials.
  7. Cost. Budget is a huge consideration, as bathroom remodeling may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your style, materials and labor. Will you buy materials and start from scratch with the help of a professional, or purchase custom bathroom cabinets that you can do improvement on, like add racks, frames, mirrors or some stylish painting?

With all the factors considered, start browsing home improvement sites and magazines for bathroom remodeling ideas. The Internet provides abundant information on bathroom designs. You have the freedom to contemplate your style with all the illustrated bathroom designs from antique, conventional, minimalist to modern bathroom design. Online stores and magazines for home improvement also offer discount and cheap prices for bathroom furniture like bathroom sinks, bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets. This is an ideal way to save if you are on a tight budget, as you get a great deal of information and perks on your projected bathroom cabinets at the same time.


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