How To Design a Bathroom Shower Curtain

Most bathroom themes are influenced heavily by the shower curtain style and design. Searching for the appropriate shower curtain that will match your bathroom theme can be a daunting task. That being said, it is a viable option to design and create your own custom bathroom shower curtain. This option will enable you to create a design based on your specifications instead of scouring hard for ready-made shower curtains. As long as you know the basics of sewing, you can easily design your own.

  1. Select the optimum fabric. Jazzing and sprucing up your bathroom can be achieved by selecting a fabulous pattern or color. However, it all starts with the material you use. Designing and creating your own shower curtain is much easier if you use fabric curtains. At the same time, fabric curtains are durable and are easier to sew. Silks and other materials that can only be dry-cleaned are less resistant to wear and tear so it is wise to stay away from these options.
  2. Design the curtain header. The header is the most influential and eye-catching part of a shower curtain. Designing this part of the curtain should be the number one priority that will involve your creative and imaginative skills. There are literally hundreds of options to design the header. You can create ruffles or tabs. Some people make pleats for the top as well. Others design the header with basic holes or intricately design it with beads. It is entirely up to you.
  3. Use assorted fabrics and colors. To add dynamics to your curtain design, you can opt to add various strips and patches of fabric with varying colors to the top and the bottom of the shower curtain. This is a fantastic way to liven up the curtain and in effect liven up the bathroom. Make sure to choose colors that will compliment the colors of the bathroom walls, tiles, towels, and other bathroom accessories.
  4. Add various shapes and accents. Since you are using fabric for your curtain, you can design the body of the curtain with a variety of art. Geometrical shapes, lines, and symbols can be painted on the fabric with fabric paint. You may use beads to accentuate the shower curtain as well. Use fabric glue or sew on the beads to the curtain fabric. Be creative and use your imagination to the fullest. Do the same for the top and bottom of the shower curtain.
  5. Install fashionable shower rings. Hanging your curtain is another aspect that you can explore in jazzing up your bathroom shower curtain. As soon as you have designed your curtain, choose the perfect shower rings to compliment your design and complete your theme. Go to your local bathroom fixtures supply store and select from many shower ring designs. You can go for classic metallic, wooden, or plastic designs. Shower rings come in various animal and cartoon shapes as well. You can create your own rings as well by visiting your local craft store and choosing the materials that will compliment your theme.

The bathroom shower curtain is the most noticeable part of a bathroom. If you want to really want to spruce up your bathroom, designing and creating your own shower curtains can really open up your creativity and imagination and will definitely customize your bathroom to your preference.


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