How To Display Groups of Paintings for Maximum Impact

Just about everyone has a group of paintings that they would like to display tastefully in their home, but how to go about grouping and arranging them can be perplexing. So where do you start when you are faced with the task of displaying groups of paintings? Here's how to get started.

Step 1

Flat Surfaces
Flat surfaces are things like desks, hutches, buffets or dressers. Use these surfaces as a ledge to display your paintings with flair. Simply stand your paintings on top of these flat surfaces and lean them against the wall. This can be done with individual paintings or for groups of paintings to create a more dramatic effect. This approach works best if the paintings are the focal point of the arrangement and are not cluttered by other accessories.

A mantel over the fireplace presents a spectacular showplace for use as a painting ledge. Cluster paintings along the mantle, overlapping and mixing sizes if desired. A large mantle can display a grouping of paintings as well as other accessories that tie into their color or theme. If a painting is heavy and large, you may want to attach a nail to the wall for security, but place it low enough that the painting seems to be propped upon the mantle.

Step 2

On the Wall
This is probably the most popular place to hang a painting. When hanging a painting on the wall, the painting should be hung at eye level so that everyone can appreciate its beauty and detail. You can hang the paintings horizontally on the wall to make it look like an art gallery, or you can hang them vertically on a narrow wall.

Strive to create balance in your arrangement. Paintings can be arranged in multiple rows or in a grid. You can use wall molding to create a square or rectangle on the wall and then showcase a group of paintings inside that square. Or use paint to create a focal block of color on the wall to accent the colors in the artwork.

Step 3

Grouping Your Paintings
When grouping a collection of paintings, unite the collection by a theme. Your theme can be based on colors like vibrant or subtle colors. It could be based on a subject like plants, or an era like the Renaissance, or even based on the artist. Pulling various threads of color, subject, or time period together in a grouped arrangement brings more interest and impact to the grouping.

Paintings of various sizes can be grouped by framing each painting in the same dark or light-colored wood frame and matting. This way when all of the paintings are lined up together they appear as a harmonious composition.

Displaying your paintings in your home is not rocket science. It should be a fun experience for you. Don't be afraid to express yourself through your personal interpretation and arrangement of paintings and other decorative pieces.

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