How To Display Items in a China Cabinet

China cabinets used to be for displaying precious items and Chinaware. Nowadays, a China cabinet can be used to display anything such as books, toys, collectibles, pictures and many more. Using a China cabinet will let you display your items without them gathering dust. There are many styles of displaying items inside a China cabinet. If you are planning to display some items in your China cabinet, you can follow the steps provided below.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to learn how to display items in a China cabinet:

  • Know what you will put. First, determine the items that you will put inside the China cabinet. It will be best if you stick to a single collection so that the items you display will have unity. If you want to display plates, display only plates. Spread out and prepare the items that you will be displaying on a flat surface. This will give you a good idea if all the items will fit in the China cabinet.
  • Group items together. Group similar items together so that you will know which items to place inside the cabinet together. If your China cabinet has several levels, group the items according to the level where they are going to be placed in. Leave enough space between the items. You do not want to overcrowd. This will prevent you from seeing all the items from outside the cabinet.
  • Use a background. If you want to make the China cabinet more interesting, what you can do is to put a background at the back of the cabinet. For this, you can use fabric, wallpaper or any material that will enhance the look of your collection. Stick it at the back of the cabinet before you place the items inside.
  • Place items in the cabinet. When everything is already set, you can start placing the items inside the China cabinet. Keep in mind the balance and symmetry of the display while you are doing this. Place bigger items at the center and smaller items around it so that every piece can be seen. You can experiment and see which location looks best for the items.
  • Location of cabinet. Choose a location for the cabinet where people can see it well. You may opt to put it near a window so that the light source can shine inside the cabinet and showcase your items. Another tip is to put it against a sturdy wall to prevent anyone from knocking it down.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to display items in your China cabinet. You can rearrange the items inside every so often to mix it up and create a new look. Another thing to remember is to see if the China cabinet fits with the theme of the room where you are going to place it in. The design and color of the China cabinet must compliment the theme of the room so that you can end up with a good display.


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