How To Distress a Mirror

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A vintage mirror that has a distressed look can add class and elegance to your home. However, vintage mirrors that have this look can be quite expensive. One solution to this is to make your own distressed mirror. You will be able to save a lot of money instead of purchasing a vintage mirror. All you need are a few materials and you can make your own distressed mirror. Follow the steps provided below.
Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to make your own distressed mirror:

  • Gather materials. The materials that you will need are a mirror, bleach, water, toothbrush, black acrylic paint, thinner, old newspapers, rags and paintbrushes. You can also use work gloves and protective goggles to avoid getting thinner and bleach on your eyes and hands.
  • Prepare your work area. Prepare your work area before you start so that you will not get paint on surfaces and furniture. It is best to work in your garage or an area where there is good ventilation as the smell of the paint, thinner and bleach can be dangerous. Lay down the old newspapers on the table. You can secure them with tape to avoid the newspapers from moving.
  • Spread thinner. Place the mirror on your table wrong side up. Prepare the thinner. Choose a part of the mirror where you want the distressed design. Use your paintbrush to spread a coating of the thinner on the area. Leave the thinner for a few minutes and wait for it to work on the back of the mirror. After a while, wipe off the thinner to see if the silver surface of the mirror has already loosened up.
  • Bleach the mirror. The next step is to apply the bleach to achieve dark spots on the mirror. Use a small paintbrush to do this. Apply bleach only on the areas where you want the black spots to appear. Watch carefully when you apply the bleach so that you can control how black you want the spots to be. When you are already happy with the results, wipe off the bleach with a rag soaked in water.
  • Paint. The last step is to smudge black acrylic paint on the areas where the silver surface has been removed. This will give your mirror an old distressed look. Add just enough black paint to get the color you want. Wait for the paint to dry completely before hanging your mirror.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to learn how to distress a mirror. Achieving the look that you want may take some time. Just follow the steps and see how your mirror will look like. You can use the distressed mirror as a centerpiece in your dining room or use it to post old pictures of your family. This is a simple do-it-yourself activity that will save you some money and leave you with a unique piece that will impress your family and friends.


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