How To Do 1950s Home Decor

World War II was a worldwide horror. So after the war, everyone was filled with joy and hope. 1950s was the start of the Baby Boomers’ generation. 1950s was the decade of idealism and simple joys of life. It’s good to bring back those happy memories by adding decorations in your house that remind you of the 1950s.

Follow some of the tips below and you’ll be turning your house into the 1950s American look in no time:

  • Look at the '50s interior design. Look at how interior design was during the 1950s. Old magazines, books, and some websites have pictures that can tell you a thousand words about the typical stylish 1950s home. Reviewing the '50s interior decoration can give you a good understanding of how homes were decorated during that time.
  • Recall from your memory. Can you still remember how your house looked like during your childhood? Remember how your grandma’s house looked like. Get the same feel as your childhood memory by using the same color palettes, style of furniture pieces, and general description of interior design.
  • Buy from stores selling 1950s-inspired items. You can’t go wrong if you choose from the items being sold in 1950s store. These can be found online or maybe one of your local stores is a 1950s store. Most of these stores don’t really sell antique items. They sell items that resemble the 1950s designs.
  • Check antique stores. Items that are more than 50 years old are considered antiques. If you want to get the real thing from the '50s, then head to your favorite antique store. Be ready to spend a fortune, though. Antique items are more expensive than their modern-day equivalent items.
  • Keep everything simple. 1950s was the decade when people want to forget about the horrors of World War II. Everyone wanted to live as simply as possible. Everything was focused on what were really essential. So, furniture pieces and other 1950s items were less elaborate. They were very simple unlike the intricate nature-inspired designs of the previous decades.
  • Choose geometry-inspired home decors. During the 1950s the geometry-inspired art works became a hit. Bring back those simple art pieces. They may be 1950s but their design can still be beautiful in our modern world.
  • Choose 1950s-inspired home appliances. You don’t have to use less functional appliances just to get the feel of 1950s. Use modern home appliances but choose designs that are 1950-ish. Most of these are a bit more expensive than modern-day designs. Compare the price and see if you can cover for the extra expenses for the sake of getting the 1950s feel of your house.
  • Visit your parents’ or grandparents’ memorabilia boxes or rooms. Perhaps your parents or grandparents are still keeping some items from the 1950s. You’re in luck if they do. A simple cleaning, repainting, and repair of those items will make them useful again.

The 1950s surely brings a lot of happy memories. Relive those happy moments everyday by decorating your home with pieces that will remind you of those. It can be more expensive than choosing modern-day home décor. Just think of it as a worthy investment. After all, happiness is what everyone is looking for. And for you, happiness is bringing back the memories of 1950s.


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