How To Do a Wire Sculpture

Wire sculptures are fun and easy to make. It can use a variety of scrap wire materials. The most basic tools needed to make a wire sculpture are pliers and wire cutters. Even small children for a Sunday art class can do free-form wire sculptures. Wire sculpture can be used as a rehabilitation technique for people suffering from arthritis to keep the fingers and the hands nimble and can be used to keep the elderly entertained and create works of art as a hobby or a source of income. While wire sculpture is easy to do, there are still some principles to be followed. Take a look at the tips below.

  • Decide on a design for the wire sculpture. You can do a free-form design or something that resembles nature. Beginners should start with basic shapes just to feel and know how it is done.
  • Decide on the type of wire you are going to use. The inner core could be made from thicker wire and use a softer and more pliant wire for wrapping to add dimension and form to the piece. A wire hanger can be used for the core although it is hard and difficult to bend. You can also use baling wire. Other types of wires can be found at junkyards and second hand shops. Copper wires are very soft and pliant and therefore quite easy to manipulate. Color-coded wires can be used for the outer layer to add dimension and color to your design.
  • Start by bending your thicker wire into shape. It will be ideal if you have a long piece of wire that will allow you to work and build your core from a single length of wire. Continue bending the wire until you have achieved the right thickness for the core. Cut the excess wire and tuck the end.
  • Start wrapping the core with the softer wires. Begin at one end of the sculpture piece and work your way up to the other end. You should decide how close or how loose you must wrap the outer wires to achieve the final art form and dimension. You can wrap wires closely for the middle core and then wrap it more loosely for the outermost layer.
  • Vary the wrapping style of the outer layer to add texture and depth to your wire sculpture. You can also wrap more wires into selected areas of the sculpture to have thin and thick places that is also another way to add texture and depth to your art piece. Continue wrapping until you have achieved the right structure, size and dimension of your wire sculpture.
  • Decide how you will mount your sculpture. You can use a metal mount, a rock, a clay pot or a piece of thick wood. Spray paint the base of the sculpture if you see fit. You can also spray paint your wire sculpture if you want. Not all wire sculptures need to be mounted. Some can be placed on the shelf or on top of a table desk as is. If the sculpture needs to be displayed upright and needs a base, then it needs to be mounted.

Wire sculpture is not limited to art pieces. You can use the technique to create unique pieces of jewelry. The pieces can be flat and two-dimensional or you can make jewelry pieces that are three-dimensional. Your imagination is your limit. You may even find yourself starting a small business just by creating wire jewelry.


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