How To Do Leaky Roof Repair

Your house cannot be your effective shelter if it has a leaky roof. Aside from that, it is an eyesore and a nuisance, not to mention the dangers it may pose. In cases where your roof is suffering from this kind of problem, roof repair needs to be done immediately.

Though roof leak repair is usually done by a professional, you can actually do it yourself given the proper guidelines. Here are some tips when doing this kind of roof maintenance:

1. Inspect the roof. This is the first thing that you need to do in repairing your leaking roof. Identify from which part of the roof the leak is coming. You do not have to worry about doing this task. It is a pretty simple one, as you only need to check the stains in the wall and the ceiling.

2. Go to the attic.  Once you have figured out where the leak is coming from, go to the attic and locate the damage. The reasons for the problem can be due to different kinds of problem - from a torn shingle to a misplaced nail. Your access to the roof depends on what kind it is. Usually a flat and wooden roof is easier to access.

3. Giving the remedy. So depending on the problem, a solution needs to be uniquely applied. Some problems and their corresponding repair solutions include:

  • If the leak comes from a small hole, it can easily be repaired by making a roof patch using roof tar.
  • For severely damaged shingles, replacing them is the best option.
  • If the problem is a loosened nail, it can be hammered back into place with a finishing touch of a generous amount of roofing tar.
  • In cases where the leak is near the vent, do not let roofing tar clog the hole up, because it will look bad. Rather, you can use a caulk as roof patch for the hole.
  • Waterproof some of the roof materials. To do this, spread some roofing tar on the materials. Make sure that you place this only in areas hidden from plain view.

If you don't trust yourself fully, it is best to get assistance from a professional. This is especially a must when the problem seems to be too serious to be handled simply. To know whether the help of a professional roof repair contractor is needed, the following situations need to be observed:

  • There is not only one but multiple leaks.
  • You cannot locate the source of the problem.
  • The solution you have applied is not working as expected.
  • The leak is already causing significant damage to the roof surface and other areas.
  • The kind of roof you have is difficult to repair, especially those made of ceramic and tiles. Flat roofs and wooden ones are easier to manage.

In the end, the success of any roof leak repair is through the proper application of solutions. There is nothing wrong with going to the cheap solution, but in cases where your power does not permit doing so, it will always be necessary to hire a professional. If a roof repair is needed, it needs to be done right at hand.


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