How To Drain an Above Ground Pool Quickly

With irrepressible kids running around and diving into your aboveground swimming pool, things are bound to get nasty in the water. As soon as you notice the water being murky, it’s time for a cool change. That means, draining time!

No matter the size of your above ground swimming pool, you can easily drain it if you follow these steps.

1.    Prepare what you need to siphon water from the pool. You have a choice of four siphoning equipment:

  • Small or medium pump.
  • Vacuum pump.
  • Sturdy garden hose.

2.    Position the pump in the pool. Most above ground swimming pools allow you to position a pump on the center of the pool for efficient siphoning of water. If your above ground pool is oval-shaped, it will most likely have a “hopper” where the pump is supposed to be placed. Look for these locations and place the pump where it’s supposed to then proceed to the next step.

3.    Roll out the entire length of the hose. Your pump comes with a hose to help the water along while the draining process is ongoing. After you have positioned your pump properly, it’s time to roll out this hose to its full length until the mouth or opening is visible. Let the mouth or opening rest on a surface that is a reasonable distance from your pool.

4.    Plug the pump into the appropriate socket. Make sure your hands are dry when you plug the pump in. As soon as it’s plugged in, the pump will do its work. If you have a wide pool, this might take a while so leave the pump to do its work while you take care of other errands.

If you don’t have a pump and you have to shell out money to rent one, you can try this inexpensive method of draining water from the above ground pool.

Here’s how:

  1. Take a regular garden hose. Attach the head that’s supposed to go into a faucet.
  2. Take the other end of the garden hose. Place this on the center of the pool.
  3. Turn the water on. Let the water run for a full minute.
  4. Cinch the hose. About a couple of feet from where the hose is on the faucet would be the perfect for cinching it to stem the flow of water. If you can’t cinch it, you can simply bend this so water instantly stops flowing.
  5. Close the faucet. To stop water from flowing then remove the hose that is attached to it.
  6. Take the detached hose from the faucet. Immediately place the hose lower than your pool so water can start flowing from it to the ground. Remember that your hose must be lower than the height of your pool so water can properly drain out.
  7. Loosen the cinch or unbend the hose. Once this is done, water will begin to drain slowly from the pool.
  8. Repeat the procedure if the draining process stops.

Cover your pool if you don’t plan to re-fill it with water soon after draining ends to prevent bugs, leaves, and dirt from occupying the empty space. Don’t keep empty too long though. Exposure to the sun and wind will damage the material of the pool.


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