How To Drape Window Scarves

Scarves are no longer just accessories to accompany your clothes. Window scarves can now be used for making your window pop with color and life. If you have an abundance of scarves (and you would need a lot of scarves) or if you’d like to employ the use of scarves for your window, here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide on a look that you want to achieve. Rustic, playful, cheery, somber, or dramatic. The kind of look that you want to achieve depends on how this will mirror your personality. If you want to get inspiration from other sources, you can simply search online by typing “Window Treatments” on the search bar.
  2. Check out your windows. Scarves are lovely adornments for plain windows, tinted ones even. However, if you have stained-glass windows, scarves will work against it instead of enhancing it. Besides, there would be no need to hide stained-glass windows so the idea itself is moot.
  3. Finalize your color scheme. Look around the room and see what dominant colors eat up most of the space. Include furniture in your visual inspection. Write down these colors because these will be the basis for the color palette of your scarves.
  4. Get your tape measure, a pen, and paper. Start measuring the window from the width of the curtain rod and then from top to bottom to get your length. Write these numbers down. Again, you don’t need to follow a specific formula for width and length, if you have the design and decorative savvy, you can go by your instinct.
  5. Pick out your fabric. Once at the fabric store, choose material that is closest to the look and feel of scarves. Silk, voile, and satin are absolutely gorgeous fabrics but if you want a light and airy look, go for sheer fabrics.
  6. Decorate plain scarves. Now that you have swathes of fabric, you can use some of the plain scarves you have at home. Use rubber stamps and decorate your plain scarves with imprints of flowers, butterflies, or alphabets if that’s what you want. You can also spray paint plain scarves with geometric or wild patterns.
  7. Decide if you want a rod, brackets, or rings. Since you won’t be using traditional curtains, you can certainly do without a curtain rod. While you are at the fabric store, might as well maximize your time by asking the store assistants which anchors would best present your scarves as drapes.
  8. Start draping and use a stepladder. Take your fabric of choice and start draping the fabric on a rod, bracket, or ring. You can choose to drape unevenly or evenly. You can also choose to concentrate the draping on both sides of the window only. Remember to use a stepladder and not a chair. It’s for your own safety.
  9. Use swagging. Swagging is a draping effect that is easy to do. Take long fabric pieces and start to coil these around a curtain rod letting some hang loose in soft waves. The beauty of swagging is that it allows you to drape unevenly and yet the effect is ethereal and though the finished product is imperfect, it still looks beautiful.

Once you look at your completed project, you will see how delightful scarves look with the light streaming into your windows. You’ll never go back to heavy drapes ever again—until winter that is.


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