How To Draw a Patio Site Plan

Adding a patio to your home will give it a different charm. It’s a great place to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. It also serves as a place to entertain family and friends. Barbecues and grilling parties are best held in your own patio.

Building a patio in your backyard should start with a plan. The plan is used to map out the location of the patio and its different areas. It can also contain notes on what building materials you will need for the patio. The patio site plan serves as your reference during the actual building process.

To make a patio site plan, all you need is paper, pencil and measuring tape. Graph paper is better to use because it has a grid, which you can use as a scale. The steps in creating your patio site plan are:

  • Examine your backyard. You need to assess where the patio should stand. Choose a flat area in your yard. If the land is uneven, you can still build on it but you may have to even it out first. Choosing a flat area will keep the cost down. Decide how close the patio should be to the main house or the other parts of the house like the garage, driveway or perimeter walls.
  • Determine how big your patio should be. Given the size of land available to you and the boundaries around that area, decide what should be the square area of your patio. You don’t need an exact measurement. A rough estimate will do.
  • Begin sketching the boundaries into the patio site plan. Using your paper and pencil, start drawing the boundaries that are found in your yard. Some of these boundaries may be the main house, shed, garage, pool, walls, property lines, trees and plant boxes. The obstacles to your patio should be sketched before you draw the actual patio into the site plan.
  • Find an open space in your drawing. Once the boundaries are drawn in, you need to find an open space on the site plan big enough to fit the patio. The size of the space should roughly be the same as the size of the patio that you decided on earlier. If the spaces seem too small, you can actually break up your patio into sections. For example, one area can house the barbecue pit another would be the dining area.
  • Draw the parts of the patio. Begin drawing the actual patio. Identify the areas that will make up the patio – grilling pit, dining areas, sink, pond and more. Don’t forget to include patio steps if you need to build one. The steps should be on sturdy ground and must be accessible. If you plan to add more plant boxes, make sure these items are reflected on the plan. Make notes on where additional lighting and electrical outlets should be placed. If you want, you can include rough measurements in your design. Use colored pencils when adding details to your site plan.

A patio is a great addition to your home. It should start with a patio site plan, which will show the location of the patio and the sections that will make up the whole patio. You can build the patio yourself based on your site plan if you have the right experience. Otherwise, show your patio site plan to a professional builder who can lend you his construction expertise.


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