How To Draw House Designs

Creating a dream home on your own can be a very rewarding experience. To be able to draw your ideas on paper and have them translated into something concrete can give you a certain sense of fulfillment knowing that your creativity produced exactly what you wanted. When drawing a design of a house, you are able to fill in details you would want to put in, some which may never have been imagined by anyone else. Because different people have different tastes and preferences, your own design will be as unique as you are. The important thing is that you have a specific design of how you would like the house to look like in your mind, and start drawing it on your paper, filling in your details as you go along. Here are a few instructions on how to draw your house design:

  • Materials. You will need a few materials for this project which will include a design brief, which is basically a listing of all the rooms along with their respective sizes, an Os map, which will show the area of land where the house will be built, A4 sheets and tracing paper, colored pencils or pens, scale ruler, a set square, a craft knife, and scissors.
  • Determine dimensions. Based on the design brief, create a set of room dimension patterns. Do a few calculations to determine the wall lengths. With the use of your scale ruler, move these dimensions to your paper, making the necessary adjustments with the shape and size of the outline while leaving the area as is. When the shape of the room is all right with you, move on to the following room and repeat the same procedure.
  • Create floor outlines. With your scissors, cut out the floor outlines, attaching a tiny bit of blue tack on each piece and begin to work on some layouts for your design. Turn your plan around to get a better view of how it looks from all angles. As soon as you are satisfied with the layout you made, set the pieces in place in an orderly manner.
  • Draw the plans. Begin to draw in the plans of the house by affixing a sheet of your tracing paper above your plan containing your block design. Using a ruler, draw through the edges of the room outlines. To add depth to your walls, measure 18” for your wall on the outer side and 6 inches for your interior walls drawing them at right angles with each other. Shade in the walls and place them within your plan.
  • Add windows and doors. Begin to draw the windows and door openings for the house plan starting at the entrance. Draw the aperture for the door in front on the middle of the two walls. Choose a particular room and draw in a line between the walls on the inside, making it extend over the outline’s edge. On any side of your middle line, draw in another line that is a bit offset. Erase the shades at the middle of the lines to create the openings for your window. Repeat the process on any room you wish.
  • Move on to your detailed plan. Place tracing paper on top of your plan, setting it on a surface that is smooth and even. Use your pen along with your scale ruler, doing some tracing above the outline on the outer side. Draw in your windows and doors, including all their details. Fill in stairs, texture of floors, and other particulars. Include some notes on the design as well.

You now have a basic design of a house. There are other easy ways to create designs with the use of software on your computer.


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