How To Draw Lavender Flowers

Lavender is one of thirty-nine species from the mint family, with Lavandula spica as its scientific name. Although the colors vary from violet, lilac or blue, the color purple or lavender is the most popular, hence the name. The leaves are long and narrow, and are born in a circular arrangement.

It also has one of the most soothing and relaxing scents, that is why it is most commonly used in perfumes, bath oils, candles, etc. Lavender best grows in sandy or gravelly soil in full sunlight which needs very little or no fertilizer. It grows on most gardens. There are also medicinal, culinary and ornamental uses of lavender. Lavender is the most favorite herb. Its use is as old as the history of man. Egyptians even used it in mummifying their loved ones.

Aesthetically, lavender is a beautiful decoration in homes, be it fresh lavender flowers in vases or paintings of lavender. Drawing lavender flowers is easy enough if you know how to do it. Here’s a step-by-step on how to draw this pretty flower:

  • Prepare the drawing materials that you will need: drawing paper and coloring pens or pencils (mostly greens and purples). If you want to frame your drawing so you can display it in your living room, prepare a frame, preferably a wooden frame, to complement the drawing.
  • If you have no idea what a lavender flower looks like, it is best if you have a sample of a lavender drawing, or a real lavender itself to work on, especially if you are a beginner. It would be easier for you to draw if you have something to copy it from. But if you are quite familiar with the flower, you won’t need a sample when you draw.
  • Proceed to drawing the lavender. Use a black pen in drawing the flower. Start with the base, the leaves. Use a green coloring pencil or pen, drawing two leaves side by side and a small one in the center.
  • Now with the flowers. You can start drawing the petals at the top. Leave a few inches of space between the leaves and the top petals for the other petals. The top petals should be defined. Draw two petals and a smaller one on the top.
  • For the other petals between the first ones that you made, you don’t need to emphasize the shape of the petals because lavender petals are close together. You can just draw circular and square shapes in between but still close together so they will still look like petals. Draw a stem at the base of the leaves.
  • You can draw several flowers or you can just draw one. When you’re done drawing your preferred number of flowers, you can proceed to coloring the flowers.
  • Now that you’re done drawing, color the lavender. Start coloring the leaves and stem with green coloring pencil or pen. Make sure the colors stay inside the outlines of the leaves and stem. Do not smudge because it will make your drawing ugly.
  • For the petals, use a purple coloring pencil or pen. The petals at the base of the flower should be a few shades darker than the top ones. Same with the leaves and stem do not smudge the color to make your masterpiece beautiful.
  • You can opt to color the background of your drawing to make it look more emphasized.
  • Fit your drawing into the frame and voila! You can now hang it on your living room wall.

Drawing a lavender flower is easy if you have an idea on what it looks like. But if you don’t know what a lavender flower is, you can always look it up online or in books or magazines. You can even make your drawing an ornament in your home or office.


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